Mon, 09 Oct 2023

drat 0.2.4 on CRAN: Improved macOS Support, General Updates

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A new minor release of the drat package arrived on CRAN today making it the first release in one and a half years. drat stands for drat R Archive Template, and helps with easy-to-create and easy-to-use repositories for R packages. Since its inception in early 2015 it has found reasonably widespread adoption among R users because repositories with marked releases is the better way to distribute code.

Because for once it really is as your mother told you: Friends don’t let friends install random git commit snapshots. Properly rolled-up releases it is. Just how CRAN shows us: a model that has demonstrated for two-plus decades how to do this. And you can too: drat is easy to use, documented by six vignettes and just works. Detailed information about drat is at its documentation site. Two more blog posts using drat from GitHub Actions were just added today showing, respectively, how to add to a drat repo in either push or pull mode.

This release contains two extended PRs contributed by drat users! Both extended support for macOS: Joey Reid extended M1 support to pruning and archival, and Arne Johannes added bug-sur support. I polished a few more things around the edges, mostly documentation or continuos-integrations related.

The NEWS file summarises the release as follows:

Changes in drat version 0.2.4 (2023-10-09)

  • macOS Arm M1 repos are now also supported in pruning and archival (Joey Reid in #135 fixing #134)

  • A minor vignette typo was fixed (Dirk)

  • A small error with setwd() in insertPackage() was corrected (Dirk)

  • macOS x86_64 repos (on big-sur) are now supported too (Arne Johannes Holmin in #139 fixing #138)

  • A few small maintenance tweaks were applied to the CI setup, and to the main

Courtesy of my CRANberries, there is a comparison to the previous release. More detailed information is on the drat page as well as at the documentation site.

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