Mon, 21 Nov 2011

RPostgreSQL 0.2-0, 0.2-1 and an unsung Open Source hero

RPostgreSQL goes back to a topic suggestion I had made for the Google Summer of Code 2008, and specifically for the R Project participation that year. And Sameer Kumar Prayaga (whom I then mentored for the project) did a fine job that summer putting together a working framework of package connecting R and the excellent PostgreSQL database system. Unfortunately, Sameer vanished once the summer was up; I heard he got himself a job a another db company.

Fast-forward a few years. A caretaker group had maintained the package in the meantime, but without really writing any new code. But thanks to the tireless efforts of Tomoaki Nishiyama, who not only wrote a lot of new code addressing some of issues logged at the Google Code project page, but also stepped forward and became the new lead maintainer, things are much, much better now.

The first 0.2-0 release a few weeks ago already addressed a rather large number of issues, bringing the feature set much closer to what one would expect from a feature-complete package. But one big thorn remained: builds on Windows still required a local PostgreSQL library installation as well as local compilation. And as we can tell from the mailing list(s), this is a little daunting for many potential users. But what did release 0.2-1 bring: a complete set of libpq sources so that builds on Windows no longer require presence of local PostgreSQL sources! We tested this using Uwe Ligges' excellent win-builder service for R, and after I reminded Uwe on the weekend to no longer blacklist build attempts of RPostgreSQL, we now have Windows binaries for direct installation. Just call install.packages(), and you're good to go -- much nicer!

Tomoaki achieved this pretty much single-handedly, and for that reason he greatly deserves some extra praise as an unsung Open Source hero!

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Sun, 17 Oct 2010

RPostgreSQL 0.1-7

After a somewhat long hiatus, RPostgreSQL version 0.1-7 has now been released to CRAN. RPostgreSQL connects R to PostgreSQL database systems using the standard DBI interface.

This version fixes a number of issues that had been compiled in the issue tracker on the project site at Google Code. Tomoaki Nishiyama, who joined our small development group for his package a few weeks ago, was instrumental in a number of these fixes, with assistance from Joe Conway.

The relevant NEWS file entry follows below:

Version 0.1-7 -- 2010-10-17

    o   Several potential buffer overruns were fixed

    o   dbWriteTable now writes a data.frame to database through a network
        connection rather than a temporary file. Note that row_names may be
        changed in future releases.  Also, passing in filenames instead of
        data.frame is not supported at this time. 

    o   When no host is specified, a connection to the PostgreSQL server 
        is made via UNIX domain socket (just like psql does)

    o   Table and column names are case sensitive, and identifiers are escaped
        or quoted appropriately, so that any form of table/column names can be
        created, searched, or removed, including upper-, lower- and mixed-case.

    o   nullOk in dbColumnInfo has a return value of NA when the column does
        not correspond to a column in the table. The utility of nullOk is
        doubtful but not removed at this time.

    o   Correct Windows getpid() declaration (with thanks to Brian D. Ripley)

    o   A call of as.POSIXct() with a time format string wrongly passed to TZ
        has been corrected; this should help with intra-day timestamps (with
        thanks to Steve Eick)

    o   Usage of tmpdir has been improved on similarly to Linux (with thanks
        to Robert McGehee)

More information is on the my RPostgreSQL page, and on project site at Google Code.

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