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Package adephylo updated to version 1.1-6 with previous version 1.1-5 dated 2013-08-10

Title: adephylo: exploratory analyses for the phylogenetic comparative method.
Description: Multivariate tools to analyze comparative data, i.e. a phylogeny and some traits measured for each taxa.
Author: Thibaut Jombart , Stephane Dray
Maintainer: Thibaut Jombart

Diff between adephylo versions 1.1-5 dated 2013-08-10 and 1.1-6 dated 2013-11-30

 DESCRIPTION                            |   17 ++++++----
 MD5                                    |   55 ++++++++++++++++-----------------
 NAMESPACE                              |    2 -
 R/orthogram.R                          |   10 +++---
 build                                  |only
 data/carni19.RData                     |binary
 data/carni70.RData                     |binary
 data/lizards.RData                     |binary
 data/maples.RData                      |binary
 data/mjrochet.RData                    |binary
 data/palm.RData                        |binary
 data/procella.RData                    |binary
 data/tithonia.RData                    |binary
 data/ungulates.RData                   |binary
 inst/doc/adephylo.pdf                  |binary
 man/ppca.Rd                            |    5 +--
 man/table.phylo4d.Rd                   |    1 
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-012.pdf        |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-016.pdf        |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-018.pdf        |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-aboutest.pdf   |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-figFourBas.pdf |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-lm1.pdf        |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-loadings.pdf   |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-orthobas1.pdf  |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-pca1.pdf       |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-pca2.pdf       |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-phylo4d.pdf    |binary
 vignettes/figs/adephylo-resid.pdf      |binary
 29 files changed, 46 insertions(+), 44 deletions(-)

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Package vimcom updated to version 0.9-92 with previous version 0.9-91 dated 2013-11-01

Title: Intermediate the communication between Vim and R
Description: Provide a service to intermediate the communication between Vim and R.
Author: Jakson Aquino
Maintainer: Jakson Alves de Aquino

Diff between vimcom versions 0.9-91 dated 2013-11-01 and 0.9-92 dated 2013-11-30

 DESCRIPTION            |    8 +-
 MD5                    |   22 ++++----
 NAMESPACE              |    4 +
 NEWS                   |    9 +++
 R/vimbol.R             |   73 +++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 R/vimcom.R             |    7 ++
 R/vimhelp.R            |   19 ++++++-
 configure              |   18 +++---           |    2 
 man/vim.buildomnils.Rd |only
 man/vim.pager.Rd       |only
 man/vimcom-package.Rd  |    3 -
 src/vimcom.c           |  131 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 13 files changed, 225 insertions(+), 71 deletions(-)

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Package RcppCNPy updated to version 0.2.2 with previous version 0.2.1 dated 2013-11-28

Title: Rcpp bindings for NumPy files
Description: This package use the cnpy library written by Carl Rogers to provide read and write facilities for files created with (or for) the NumPy extension for Python. Vectors and matrices of numeric types can be read or written to and from files as well as compressed files. Support for integer files is available if the package has been built with -std=c++0x or -std=c++11 which is needed to support 'long long int' types.
Author: Dirk Eddelbuettel
Maintainer: Dirk Eddelbuettel

Diff between RcppCNPy versions 0.2.1 dated 2013-11-28 and 0.2.2 dated 2013-11-30

 ChangeLog                   |   10 ++++++++++
 DESCRIPTION                 |    8 ++++----
 MD5                         |   12 +++++++-----
 inst/NEWS.Rd                |   10 ++++++++++
 inst/doc/RcppCNPy-intro.pdf |binary
 src/cnpy.cpp                |    8 ++++----
 tests/saveAndLoad.R         |only
 tests/ |only
 8 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)

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Package LMERConvenienceFunctions updated to version 2.4 with previous version 2.1 dated 2013-09-24

Title: A suite of functions to back-fit fixed effects and forward-fit random effects, as well as other miscellaneous functions.
Description: Functions to back-fit fixed effects (on F or t values as well as log-likelihood ratio testing (llrt), AIC, BIC, relLik.AIC or relLik.BIC) and to forward-fit random effects (using log-likelihood ratio testing). NOTE that the back- and forward-fitting of generalized linear mixed-effects regression (glmer) models is now supported by functions ``bfFixefLMER_t.fnc'' and ``ffRanefLMER.fnc''. The package also includes a function to compute ANOVAs with upper- and lower-bound p-values (anti-conservative and conservative, respectively), a function to graph model criticism plots, functions to trim data on model residuals or on a response variable (per subject), a function to perform posthoc analyses (with or without MCMC p-values), a function to generate summaries of mcposthoc objects, a function to generate (dynamic) 3d plots of (i) predicted values of an LMER model for interactions between two numeric variables,(ii) the raw data as a function of two numeric variable, and (iii) kernel density estimates (densities) of two numeric variables, and finally a function to calculate the relative log-likelihood between two models. Also, as of version 2.4, the package gains function ``plotLMER.fnc'' (revived from archived package ``languageR'').
Author: Antoine Tremblay, Dalhousie University, and Johannes Ransijn, University of Copenhagen
Maintainer: "Antoine Tremblay, Dalhousie University"

Diff between LMERConvenienceFunctions versions 2.1 dated 2013-09-24 and 2.4 dated 2013-11-30

 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.1/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/bFixefLMER_F.fnc.R                    |only
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/DESCRIPTION                             |   12 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/MD5                                     |   44 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/NAMESPACE                               |   21 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/NEWS                                    |   13 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/bfFixefLMER_F.fnc.R                   |  723 +++-------
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/bfFixefLMER_t.fnc.R                   |  211 +-
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/degreesOrKnots.fnc.R                  |only
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/ffRanefLMER.fnc.R                     |   19 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/fitLMER.fnc.R                         |    3 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/mcp.fnc.R                             |    8 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/mcposthoc.fnc.R                       |  286 +--
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/pamer.fnc.R                           |   80 -
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/plotLMER.fnc.R                        |only
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/R/plotLMER3d.fnc.R                      |  194 +-
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/man/LMERConvenienceFunctions-package.Rd |  102 +
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/man/bfFixefLMER_F.fnc.Rd                |  163 +-
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/man/bfFixefLMER_t.fnc.Rd                |    6 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/man/ffRanefLMER.fnc.Rd                  |   11 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/man/fitLMER.fnc.Rd                      |   23 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/man/mcp.fnc.Rd                          |    6 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/man/mcposthoc.fnc.Rd                    |    4 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/man/plotLMER.fnc.Rd                     |only
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/man/plotLMER3d.fnc.Rd                   |    1 
 LMERConvenienceFunctions-2.4/LMERConvenienceFunctions/man/relLik.Rd                           |    4 
 25 files changed, 933 insertions(+), 1001 deletions(-)

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New package DynamicDistribution with initial version 1.0
Package: DynamicDistribution
Title: Dynamically visualized probability distributions and their moments
Description: The package is aimed at dynamically visualizing probability distributions and their moments and all the commonly used distributions are included.
Version: 1.0
Author: Lei ZHANG, Hao JIANG and Chen XUE(Equally contributed, the order is decided by the time the author joined the project. )
Maintainer: Hao JIANG
Depends: R (>= 3.0.2)
License: GPL (>= 2)
Packaged: 2013-11-30 02:46:36 UTC; Administrator
Repository: CRAN
LazyData: true
Collate: 'DynCon.R' 'DynDis.R' 'internal.R' 'DynamicDistribution-package.r'
NeedsCompilation: no
Date/Publication: 2013-11-30 06:43:55

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