Sat, 17 Sep 2011

littler 0.1.5

Brown-bag release time for littler. One of the minor cleanups in the 0.1.4 release from Thursday actually introduced a nasty little bug as you can't call Rf_KillAllDevices() when you do not have any graphics device. Doh.

So with apologies for the lower quality release, and the two hour malfuntioning window for CRANberries that it cause, a repaired version is now out there. The very brief (upstream) ChangeLog is as follows:

2011-09-17  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Mark as release 0.1.5

        * littler.c (littler_CleanUp): Remove call to Rf_KillAllDevices() 

littler provides r (pronounced littler), a shebang / scripting / quick eval / pipelining front-end to the the R language and data analysis environment.

As usual, our code is available via our svn archive or from tarballs off my littler page and the local directory here. A fresh package is in Debian's incoming queue and will hit mirrors shortly.

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