Fri, 07 Dec 2012


Conrad launched the 3.6 series of Armadillo earlier today with a first 3.6.0 release. So RcppArmadillo, our wrapper for R and Armadillo, is now on CRAN with its corresponding version No R level or interface changes were needed, and the upstream changes are summarized below.

Changes in RcppArmadillo version (2012-12-07)

  • Upgraded to Armadillo release Version 3.6.0 (Piazza del Duomo)

    • faster handling of compound expressions with submatrices and subcubes

    • added support for loading matrices as text files with NaN and Inf elements

    • added stable_sort_index(), which preserves the relative order of elements with equivalent values

    • added handling of sparse matrices by mean(), var(), norm(), abs(), square(), sqrt()

    • added saving and loading of sparse matrices in arma_binary format

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for the most recent release As always, more detailed information is on the RcppArmadillo page. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list off the R-Forge page.

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