Wed, 02 Dec 2015

RcppCCTZ 0.0.2 -- now with Solaris support

Following on yesterday's announcement of RcppCCTZ, what is the only thing better than another date, time, or timezones library package? One that works on Solaris too :)

Bradley White from CCTZ upstream spotted the failed compilation on the machine in Oxford and suggested a quick fix. Jeroen quickly tested what I had put into a branch, and there we have it: version 0.0.2 which now builds everywhere.

Changes (for both releases) are summarized here:

Changes in version 0.0.2 (2015-12-02)

  • Additional #ifdef statements suggested by Bradley White in CCTZ ticket #5 permitting compilation on Solaris – with thanks to Jeroen for testing our branch.

Changes in version 0.0.1 (2015-12-01)

  • Initial CRAN upload.

  • Package is functional and provides examples.

We now also have a diff to the previous version thanks to CRANberries.

More details, issue tickets etc at the GitHub repository.

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