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SugarBlock_2.h File Reference
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class  Rcpp::sugar::SugarBlock_2< NA, RESULT_TYPE, U1, T1, U2, T2 >
class  Rcpp::sugar::SugarBlock_2__VP< NA, RESULT_TYPE, U1, T1, U2 >
class  Rcpp::sugar::SugarBlock_2__PV< NA, RESULT_TYPE, U1, U2, T2 >


 Rcpp API.


#define SB2_LHT   VectorBase<REALSXP,LHS_NA,LHS_T>
#define SB2_RHT   VectorBase<REALSXP,RHS_NA,RHS_T>
#define SUGAR_BLOCK_2(__NAME__, __SYMBOL__)
#define SUGAR_BLOCK_2_NA(__NAME__, __SYMBOL__, __NA__)

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#define SB2_LHT   VectorBase<REALSXP,LHS_NA,LHS_T>

Definition at line 89 of file SugarBlock_2.h.


#define SB2_RHT   VectorBase<REALSXP,RHS_NA,RHS_T>

Definition at line 90 of file SugarBlock_2.h.


#define SUGAR_BLOCK_2 (   __NAME__,

Definition at line 92 of file SugarBlock_2.h.

Referenced by Rcpp::internal::lfactorial().


#define SUGAR_BLOCK_2_NA (   __NAME__,

Definition at line 127 of file SugarBlock_2.h.