Rcpp Version 1.0.0
median.h File Reference
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struct  Rcpp::sugar::median_detail::result< RTYPE >
struct  Rcpp::sugar::median_detail::result< INTSXP >
struct  Rcpp::sugar::median_detail::result< STRSXP >
class  Rcpp::sugar::Median< RTYPE, NA, T, NA_RM >
class  Rcpp::sugar::Median< RTYPE, NA, T, true >
class  Rcpp::sugar::Median< RTYPE, false, T, NA_RM >
class  Rcpp::sugar::Median< STRSXP, NA, T, NA_RM >
class  Rcpp::sugar::Median< STRSXP, NA, T, true >
class  Rcpp::sugar::Median< STRSXP, false, T, true >


 Rcpp API.


template<typename T >
bool Rcpp::sugar::median_detail::less (T lhs, T rhs)
bool Rcpp::sugar::median_detail::less< Rcomplex > (Rcomplex lhs, Rcomplex rhs)
double Rcpp::sugar::median_detail::half (double lhs)
double Rcpp::sugar::median_detail::half (int lhs)
Rcomplex Rcpp::sugar::median_detail::half (Rcomplex lhs)
template<int RTYPE, bool NA, typename T >
sugar::median_detail::result< RTYPE >::type Rcpp::median (const Rcpp::VectorBase< RTYPE, NA, T > &x, bool na_rm=false)