Rcpp Version 1.0.8
rcpp_init.cpp File Reference
#include <Rcpp.h>
#include "internal.h"
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#define CALLDEF(name, n)   {#name, (DL_FUNC) &name, n}
#define EXTDEF(name)   {#name, (DL_FUNC) &name, -1}
#define RCPP_REGISTER(__FUN__)   R_RegisterCCallable( "Rcpp", #__FUN__ , (DL_FUNC)__FUN__ );


void init_Rcpp_routines (DllInfo *info)
void registerFunctions ()
void R_unload_Rcpp (DllInfo *)
void R_init_Rcpp (DllInfo *dllinfo)


static R_CallMethodDef callEntries []
static R_ExternalMethodDef extEntries []

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#define CALLDEF (   name,
)    {#name, (DL_FUNC) &name, n}

Definition at line 28 of file rcpp_init.cpp.



Definition at line 22 of file rcpp_init.cpp.


#define EXTDEF (   name)    {#name, (DL_FUNC) &name, -1}

Definition at line 29 of file rcpp_init.cpp.


#define RCPP_REGISTER (   __FUN__)    R_RegisterCCallable( "Rcpp", #__FUN__ , (DL_FUNC)__FUN__ );

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◆ init_Rcpp_routines()

void init_Rcpp_routines ( DllInfo *  info)

Definition at line 78 of file rcpp_init.cpp.

References callEntries, and extEntries.

Referenced by R_init_Rcpp().

◆ R_init_Rcpp()

void R_init_Rcpp ( DllInfo *  dllinfo)

Definition at line 137 of file rcpp_init.cpp.

References init_Rcpp_cache(), init_Rcpp_routines(), Rcpp::Rcpp_precious_init(), registerFunctions(), and setCurrentScope().

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◆ R_unload_Rcpp()

void R_unload_Rcpp ( DllInfo *  )

Definition at line 133 of file rcpp_init.cpp.

References Rcpp::Rcpp_precious_teardown().

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◆ registerFunctions()

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◆ callEntries

R_CallMethodDef callEntries[]

◆ extEntries

R_ExternalMethodDef extEntries[]
Initial value:
= {
SEXP CppMethod__invoke_void(SEXP args)
Definition: module.cpp:185
SEXP CppMethod__invoke(SEXP args)
Definition: module.cpp:166
SEXP InternalFunction_invoke(SEXP args)
Definition: module.cpp:117
SEXP CppMethod__invoke_notvoid(SEXP args)
Definition: module.cpp:204
SEXP class__dummyInstance(SEXP args)
Definition: module.cpp:152
SEXP Module__invoke(SEXP args)
Definition: module.cpp:126
SEXP class__newInstance(SEXP args)
Definition: module.cpp:137
#define EXTDEF(name)
Definition: rcpp_init.cpp:29

Definition at line 65 of file rcpp_init.cpp.

Referenced by init_Rcpp_routines().