Rcpp Version 1.0.0
complex.h File Reference
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class  Rcpp::sugar::SugarComplex< NA, RESULT_TYPE, T, FunPtr >


 Rcpp API.
 internal implementation details




double Rcpp::internal::complex__Re (Rcomplex x)
double Rcpp::internal::complex__Im (Rcomplex x)
double Rcpp::internal::complex__Mod (Rcomplex x)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__Conj (Rcomplex x)
double Rcpp::internal::complex__Arg (Rcomplex x)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__exp (Rcomplex x)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__log (Rcomplex x)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__sqrt (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__cos (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__cosh (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__sin (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__tan (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__asin (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__acos (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__atan (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__acosh (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__asinh (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__atanh (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__sinh (Rcomplex z)
Rcomplex Rcpp::internal::complex__tanh (Rcomplex z)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define RCPP_SUGAR_COMPLEX (   __NAME__,
template <bool NA, typename T> \
inline sugar::SugarComplex<NA,__OUT__,T, __OUT__ (*)(Rcomplex) > \
__NAME__(const VectorBase<CPLXSXP,NA,T>& t) { \
return sugar::SugarComplex<NA,__OUT__,T, __OUT__ (*)(Rcomplex) >( \
internal::complex__##__NAME__, t); \

Definition at line 231 of file complex.h.