Tue, 08 Mar 2005

More on relative popularity of Debian by arch

Following Marco's lead with data from Italy, we now have Swedish data from Tollef as well as UK data thanks to Steve. Getting more data should alleviate some of the concerns regarding specific biases as our coverage of users increases, as does our coverage in time as Steve's data covers two months.

The next question then is whether the data reveals any pattern, or confirms or denies what we saw so far. The logical step is to compare this across architectures and countries. Following Cleveland and Tufte, we prefer a chart to a table. Below is a dotplot which shows download percentage by architecture, with grouping by country (with code and data for the chart).

Relative Debian binary downloads by architecture for IT, SE, UK

This suggests that Sweden and Italy are more alike than different, indicating that maybe neither is all that unique. The UK has many more downloads for what appear to be less used architectures in IT and SE. That is good news inasmuch as it shows that there seem to be some users for just about every architecture. However, it would be nice to get data from maybe one or two more 'big' hosts to corrobate these findings further.

Lastly, some concerns were raised about various biases from local mirrors, web caches, multiple installs and what have you. These are fair questions as they all affect how Debian is obtained, installed and updated. But for as long as we don't know why that should be different across architectures, this is not a concern for the question at hand. The concerns reflect uncertaintly about the absolute level of users, but barring additonal information (or hypotheses), they do not affect the distribution of users across architectures which is what this exercise is about in the first place.

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Directions in Music with Hancock, Brecker, and Hargrove

Gee -- the blog is a pretty sober reminder that I didn't seem to have gotten out enough to live concerts since the last entry almost a year ago. Just like then, it was once agin time for Chicago's own Herbie Hancock, this time with Michael Brecker and Roy Hargrove in the second round of their Directions in Music series. They played at the CSO last night -- for a full two and half hours.

The concert was pretty good, yet had some rought edges -- but I think I give it slightly better marks than the Globe and Mail's review from the Toronto concert earlier this week. Hancock does have a unique blend of combining lucid, poetic sequences with powerful and funky grooves; I could listen to him over and over again. I had never seen Brecker before, who was pretty impressive as was Hargrove who I'd seen twice before (once leading his band). Terri Lyne Carrington was her usual excellent self at drums, and Scott Colley was fine on base. The program was a good blend of classic hard bop and modern. combined with an updated version of fusion. I was a little ambivalent towards the electronic part at first, but warmed up to it. Oh, and it was the first time I've seen musicians announce two iMac G5 computers as instruments. All told, pretty good. I look forward to the album -- given that the live concert from their last tour garnerned a Grammy, I guess we'd see something in store by Christmas.

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