RQuantLib connects GNU R with QuantLib.

What is R ?

GNU R, to quote from its highly recommended website, is `GNU S' - A language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. R is similar to the award-winning S system, which was developed at Bell Laboratories by John Chambers et al. It provides a wide variety of statistical and graphical techniques (linear and nonlinear modelling, statistical tests, time series analysis, classification, clustering, ...).

R is designed as a true computer language with control-flow constructions for iteration and alternation, and it allows users to add additional functionality by defining new functions. For computationally intensive tasks, C, C++ and Fortran code can be linked and called at run time. R is an official part for the GNU Project.

What is QuantLib ?

QuantLib, to quote in turn from its website, is aiming to provide a comprehensive software framework for quantitative finance. QuantLib is a free/open source library for modeling, trading, and risk management in real-life. QuantLib is written in C++ with a clean object model, and is then exported to different languages such as Python, Ruby, Guile, MzScheme, Java, Perl, ... via SWIG. .

So what can RQuantLib (currently) do?

There are two core areas of pricing: options, and fixed income. Utilities such as calendaring functions are also available.

Option Pricing

RQuantLib started with support for (vanilla and exotic) equity options. Standard European and American exercises are supported as well as Binary and Barrier options. Asian options are supported with both geometric and arithmetic compounding.

For all of the option types, upon evaluation an element of a simple class is returned. Each of the the specific option classes inherits from a base class Option, and print and summary methods are provided for the base class.

Moreover, another base class ImpliedVolatility is provided with methods print and summary and implied volatility solvers for European and American are provided (Binaries seem to trigger a QuantLib bug as far as I can tell).

For both option and implied volatility calculations, operations are limited to the scalar case. However, using the R, or rather, S object framework makes the work fairly convenient.

Lastly, for the basic European Option, an "array" interface is provided. Here, any of the usual input variables is allow to be in vector form. Solutions are then computed for the "multi-dimensional outer product" of all input vectors. Concretely, if called with three strike prices, four maturities and five volatilities, then 3 * 4 * 5 arrays are returned for the common variables of interest (i.e. value, delta, gamma, ...). In other words, value is now an array over all possible combination of all possible input values. This allows for very compact comparison and scenario analysis.

Fixed Income

Support for Fixed Income started in the 0.2.* releases. The DiscountCurve function constructs the spot term structure of interest rates based on input market data including the settlement date, deposit rates, futures prices, FRA rates, or swap rates, in various combinations. It returns the corresponding discount factors, zero rates, and forward rates for a vector of times that is specified as input.

The BermudanSwaption function prices a Bermudan swaption with specified strike and maturity (in years), after calibrating the selected short-rate model to an input swaption volatility matrix. Swaption maturities are in years down the rows, and swap tenors are in years along the columns, in the usual fashion. It is assumed that the Bermudan swaption is exercisable on each reset date of the underlying swaps.

Starting with release 0.3.0, a large number of additional Fixed Income functions have become available thanks to the work of Khanh Nguyen that was part of the the Google Summer of Code 2009 program. The new functions include support for (where we list the available help pages):

  • CallableBond
  • ConvertibleFixedCouponBond
  • ConvertibleFloatingCouponBond
  • ConvertibleZeroCouponBond
  • Enum
  • FittedBondCurve
  • FixedRateBond
  • FixedRateBondCurve
  • FixedRateBondPriceByYield
  • FixedRateBondYield
  • FloatingRateBond
  • ZeroCouponBond
  • ZeroPriceByYield
  • ZeroYield

The Fixed Income functions are a good illustration of the R/C++ interface provided by the Rcpp.


As a first example of available calendaring functions, businessDay can compute whether a given date (scalar or vector) is a business in a given 'calendar' which can be chosen from a wide set of country and settlements choices.

What else is there?

There are lots more financial instruments covered in QuantLib. RQuantLib should grow to accomodate these. Help in writing the R wrappers would accelerate the provision of RQuantLib hooks for these. The RQuantLib package also contains an animated OpenGL demo. Unfortunately, GL support is not very stable for a variety of graphics cards and drivers on both Linux and Windows, so this may in fact crash instead of run. This really appears to a hardware or driver issue as the code runs fine on some hardware combinations. It appears that Nvidia cards do better than ATI cards... As a simpler alternative, consider these animated graphs made from combing the Rgl snapshots which approximates the effect of the OpenGL animation.


A simple example for EuropeanOption

Let's start with a simple vanilla option, and look at the print and summary methods.

> library(RQuantLib)
> EO <- EuropeanOption("call", 100, 100, 0.01, 0.03, 0.5, 0.4)
> print(EO)
Concise summary of valuation for EuropeanOption
   value    delta    gamma     vega    theta      rho   divRho
 11.6365   0.5673   0.0138  27.6336 -11.8390  22.5475 -28.3657
> summary(EO)
Detailed summary of valuation for EuropeanOption
   value    delta    gamma     vega    theta      rho   divRho
 11.6365   0.5673   0.0138  27.6336 -11.8390  22.5475 -28.3657
with parameters
         type    underlying        strike dividendYield  riskFreeRate
       "call"         "100"         "100"        "0.01"        "0.03"
     maturity    volatility
        "0.5"         "0.4"

A simple example for EuropeanOptionImpliedVolatility

Let us now compute implied volatility for the same the option parameters as above, but at a price increased by 0.50. Note how we use the value element of the previous answer.

> EOImpVol <- EuropeanOptionImpliedVolatility("call", value=EO$value+0.50, 100, 100, 0.01, 0.03, 0.5, 0.4)
> print(EOImpVol)
Implied Volatility for EuropeanOptionImpliedVolatility is 0.418
> EOImpVol$impliedVol
[1] 0.4181017
This shows also how the result value get be accessed directly.

An example of the array-style access

Here is an example of computing option values and analytics for several ranges of input values. For simplicit, we simply show the call to the built-in example from the RQuantLib documentation for this function:

> example(EuropeanOptionArrays)

ErpnOA> und.seq <- seq(10, 180, by = 5)

ErpnOA> vol.seq <- seq(0.2, 0.8, by = 0.1)

ErpnOA> EOarr <- EuropeanOptionArrays("call", underlying = und.seq,
    strike = 100, dividendYield = 0.01, riskFreeRate = 0.03,
    maturity = 1, volatility = vol.seq)

ErpnOA> old.par <- par(no.readonly = TRUE)

ErpnOA> par(mfrow = c(2, 2), oma = c(5, 0, 0, 0), mar = c(2,
    2, 2, 1))

ErpnOA> plot(EOarr$parameter$underlying, EOarr$value[, 1],
    type = "n", main = "option value", xlab = "", ylab = "")

ErpnOA> for (i in 1:length(vol.seq)) lines(EOarr$parameter$underlying,
    EOarr$value[, i], col = i)

ErpnOA> plot(EOarr$parameter$underlying, EOarr$delta[, 1],
    type = "n", main = "option delta", xlab = "", ylab = "")

ErpnOA> for (i in 1:length(vol.seq)) lines(EOarr$parameter$underlying,
    EOarr$delta[, i], col = i)

ErpnOA> plot(EOarr$parameter$underlying, EOarr$gamma[, 1],
    type = "n", main = "option gamma", xlab = "", ylab = "")

ErpnOA> for (i in 1:length(vol.seq)) lines(EOarr$parameter$underlying,
    EOarr$gamma[, i], col = i)

ErpnOA> plot(EOarr$parameter$underlying, EOarr$vega[, 1],
    type = "n", main = "option vega", xlab = "", ylab = "")

ErpnOA> for (i in 1:length(vol.seq)) lines(EOarr$parameter$underlying,
    EOarr$vega[, i], col = i)

ErpnOA> mtext(text = paste("Strike is 100, maturity 1 year, riskless rate 0.03",
    "\nUnderlying price from", und.seq[1], "to", und.seq[length(und.seq)],
    "\nVolatility  from", vol.seq[1], "to", vol.seq[length(vol.seq)]),
    side = 1, font = 1, oute .... [TRUNCATED]

ErpnOA> par(old.par)
The resulting chart looks as follows:

(screenshot of option array example)

An example for DiscountCurves

The example in the DiscountCurve manual page follows:
> example(DiscountCurve)

DscntC> savepar <- par(mfrow = c(3, 3))

DscntC> params <- list(tradeDate = c(2, 15, 2002), settleDate = c(2,
    19, 2002), dt = 0.25, interpWhat = "discount", interpHow = "loglinear")

DscntC> tsQuotes <- list(d1w = 0.0382, d1m = 0.0372, fut1 = 96.2875,
    fut2 = 96.7875, fut3 = 96.9875, fut4 = 96.6875, fut5 = 96.4875,
    fut6 = 96.3875, fut7 = 96.2875, fut8 = 96.0875, s3y = 0.0398,
    s5y = 0.0443, s10y = 0.05165, s15y = 0.055175)

DscntC> times <- seq(0, 10, 0.1)

DscntC> curves <- DiscountCurve(params, tsQuotes, times)

DscntC> plot(curves, setpar = FALSE)

DscntC> params$interpHow = "linear"

DscntC> curves <- DiscountCurve(params, tsQuotes, times)

DscntC> plot(curves, setpar = FALSE)

DscntC> params$interpHow = "spline"

DscntC> curves <- DiscountCurve(params, tsQuotes, times)

DscntC> plot(curves, setpar = FALSE)

DscntC> par(savepar)
The resulting chart looks as follows:

(screenshot of discount curve example)


From this machine, you can get the RQuantLib tar archive, the (old) reference manual or simply peruse the entire directory.

Alternatively, you can also get RQuantLib from a Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) node in the src/contrib directory.

Lastly, RQuantLib sources are now hosted at R-Forge; please see the RQuantLib page at R-Forge for an overview and access to the SVN archive. Potential contributors are welcome: please register at R-Forge and contact me if you want to contribute.

Installation on Unix

It goes almost without saying that QuantLib must be installed in order to use RQuantLib as the latter package has to link against the libraries provided by the former libraries. If you do not have QuantLib, you will have to install it first prefore proceeding. The same now goes for the Boost C++ libraries.

For Debian users, this is as simple as saying apt-get install libquantlib0 libquantlib-dev. Others will have to compile QuantLib, see the QuantLib site.

Generally, for Linux or Unix users, the usual R CMD INSTALL RQuantLib should work from outside R, as should a call to install.packages(). At least, it does on my Debian Linux system.

Feedback and comments are of course welcome in general, and in particular on the installation.

Installation on Windows

Thanks to Dominick Samperi and Uwe Ligges who worked out how to compile RQuantLib under Windows (using the Dev-C++ project files, which essentially automate this), we now have RQuantLib on Windows. So this package can be installed via install.packages(), or from the menu, just like any other package.


2014-12-01  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.4.0
        * DESCRIPTION: Update to note we need QL 1.4.0 or later

        * configure.ac: Mark as 0.4.0, allow for newer g++ versions
        * configure: Rebuilt

2014-11-29  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * inst/NEWS.Rd: Expanded reflecting changes since last release

2014-11-27  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * inst/NEWS.Rd: Added -- better late than never

        * man/Calendars.Rd: Add documentation for advanceDate

        * man/Schedule.Rd: Add standard reference to QuantLib to the
        details section (which was empty)

2014-11-07  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * .travis.yml: Call via travis_wait to allow for potential timeout

        * NAMESPACE: Also export advanceDate()

2014-11-07 Michele Salvadore 

        * DESCRIPTION: New minor version
        * NAMESPACE: Export Schedule
        * R/schedule.R: Added Schedule function to expose the QuantLib::Schedule to R
        * man/schedule.Rd: Ditto
        * src/schedule.cpp: Ditto

2014-10-30  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * NAMESPACE: Tighten exportPattern for .default as suggested by Bill Dunlap

2014-10-29  Michele Salvadore 

        * R/bond.R: Added a price parameter to FixedRateBond to calculate based on clean price
        * src/bonds.cpp: new function wrapping price based calculation
        * man/Bond.Rd: updated documentation and examples
        * man/FixedRateBond.Rd: Ditto
        * tests/RQuantLib.R: Corresponding test update
        * tests/RQuantLib.Rout.save: Ditto

2014-10-27  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: New minor version

        * src/bonds.cpp: Remove last SEXP instances in function interfaces
        * src/hullwhite.cpp: Idem
        * src/utils.cpp: Idem

        * inst/include/rquantlib_internal.h: Updated accordingly

2014-10-26  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/discount.cpp: Curve exported in 'table' object now advances by
        roughly one business months, also switched to using STL containers
        grown and then exported back to R

        * inst/include/rquantlib_internal.h: Declare advanceDate() function

        * man/Bond.Rd: Re-set evaluation date in bond example

2014-10-25  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * inst/unitTests/runit.dates.R: R side of new date conversion tests
        * inst/unitTests/cpp/dates.cpp: C++ side of new date conversion tests

        * R/unitTest.R: Added new support function unitTestSetup()

        * NAMESPACE: Also import sourceCpp from Rcpp

2014-10-24  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/bonds.cpp: Use the calendar from the RQL context
        * src/zero.cpp: Ditto

2014-10-23  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/dates.cpp (advanceDate): Use a calendar from the RQL context

2014-10-22  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * inst/include/rquantlib_impl.h: New header with implementations for
        as<>() and wrap(), currently only for Date mapping between QL and R
        * inst/include/rquantlib_wrappers.h: Reduced to declarations only

        * inst/include/RQuantLib.h: Include new header rquantlib_impl.h if
        and only if a #define is set accordingly

        * src/dates.cpp: Include new header rquantlib_impl.h to have it in
        default build for package just once

        * R/inline.R (CFlags): Plugin builds set the #define for new header file

2014-10-20  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * man/DiscountCurve.Rd: Do not include two-year swap ("s2y") in curve
        parameters, and correct evaluation date -- with thanks to Luigi Ballabio
        * man/Bond.Rd: Ditto

2014-10-18  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * inst/unitTests/runit.options.R: Skip AsianOption() test on Windows

2014-10-17  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/Makevars.in: Add OpenMP support (conditional on R having it)

        * configure.ac: Renamed from configure.in; also updated check for
        QuantLib to ensure version 1.4.0 or later is used

        * inst/unitTests/runit.calendar.R (test.isBusinessDay): adjust parens

2014-10-15  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: New minor version

        * src/dates.cpp: New place for as<> and wrap() for Quantlib::Date
        * inst/include/RQuantLib.h: No longer include rquantlib_wrappers.h

        * src/Makevars.win: Add -fpermissive to cope with a 'long long'
        conversion, also enable support for OpenMP on Windows

2014-10-15  Michele Salvadore 

        * src/bonds.cpp: Updated FixedRateBond() to better match the function
        signature in the QuantLib library while making it more flexible
        * src/utils.cpp:
        * bond.R: Ditto

        * man/Bond.Rd: Updated accordingly
        * man/FixedRateBond.Rd: Ditto

        * tests/RQuantLib.R: Corresponding test update
        * tests/RQuantLib.Rout.save: Ditto

2014-10-14  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Added minor version, shorter Description

2014-10-13  Michele Salvadore 

        * src/bonds.cpp: Fixed-income functionality cleanup
        * src/utils.cpp: Ditto
        * R/bonds.R: Ditto

        * man/Bond.Rd: Corresponding documentation update
        * man/BondUtilities.Rd: Ditto
        * man/CallableBond.Rd: Ditto
        * man/ConvertibleBond.Rd: Ditto
        * man/Enum.Rd: Ditto
        * man/FixedRateBond.Rd: Ditto
        * man/FloatingRateBond.Rd: Ditto
        * man/ZeroCouponBond.Rd: Ditto

        * tests/RQuantLib.R: Corresponding test update
        * tests/RQuantLib.Rout.save: Ditto

2014-06-16  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * inst/QuantLib_LICENSE.TXT: Renamed from QuantLib-License.txt per
        CRAN request
        * inst/Boost_LICENSE.TXT: Renamed from Boost-License.txt for symmetry

2014-05-28  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * R/asian.R: Set default values for first, length and fixing used for
        arithemtic asian options
        * man/asian.Rd: Update documentation

        * src/asian.cpp: For arithmetic option, check parameters first,
        length and fixings

        * src/asian.cpp (asianOptionEngine): Use NA not NaN on missing greeks
        * src/barrier_binary.cpp (barrierOptionEngine): Idem

        * tests/RQuantlib.Rout.save: Updated accordingly

2014-05-20  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/utils.cpp: Converted three more functions interfaces
        * src/bonds.cpp: Idem
        * inst/include/rquantlib_internal.h: Idem

2014-05-18  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/utils.cpp: Change getIborIndex and getFlatCurve to use List
        * src/bonds.cpp: Idem
        * inst/include/rquantlib_internal.h: Idem

2014-05-17  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/utils.cpp: Change getSchedule to use List argument
        * inst/include/rquantlib_internal.h: Idem

2014-04-06  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/utils.cpp (buildTermStructure): Simplified interface
        * inst/include/rquantlib_internal.h: Corresponding declation
        * src/bonds.cpp: Use simpler interface to builtTermStructure()

2014-04-05  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/bonds.cpp: Finishing conversion to Rcpp Attributes
        * R/bond.R: More corresponding changes

        * src/utils.cpp: Retire getDoubleVector() helper
        * src/bonds.cpp: Corresponding adjustments
        * R/bond.R: Idem
        * man/bond.Rd: Use vector() for empty vector
        * man/FloatingRateBond.Rd: Idem
        * tests/RQuantLib.R*: Idem

2014-04-04  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/bonds.cpp: More Rcpp Attributes
        * R/bond.R: More corresponding changes

2014-04-03  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/bonds.cpp: More Rcpp Attributes
        * R/bond.R: More corresponding changes

2014-04-02  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/bonds.cpp: More Rcpp Attributes
        * R/bond.R: More corresponding changes

2014-04-01  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/bonds.cpp: Partially changed to use Rcpp Attributes
        * R/bond.R: Corresponding changes

2014-03-31  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/curves.cpp: Some updates reflecting newer Rcpp

2014-03-30  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/vanilla.cpp: Changed to use Rcpp Attributes
        * R/option.R: Changed calls accordingly
        * R/arrays.R: Idem
        * man/AmericanOption.Rd: Updated as param. list no longer returned
        * man/EuropeanOption.Rd: Idem

2014-03-29  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/implieds.cpp: Changed to use Rcpp Attributes
        * R/implieds.R: Changed calls accordingly
        * man/AmericanOptionImpliedVolatility.Rd: Updated
        * man/EuropeanOptionImpliedVolatility.Rd: Updated

2014-03-28  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/bermudan.cpp: Changed to use Rcpp Attributes
        * R/bermudan.R: Changed call accordingly

        * src/bermudan.cpp: Updated copyright header with gnu.org URL
        * R/bermudan.R: Idem

2014-03-27  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/hullwhite.cpp: Changed to use Rcpp Attributes
        * R/hullWhiteCalibration.R: Changed call accordingly

        * src/hullwhite.cpp:  Updated copyright header with gnu.org URL
        * R/hullWhiteCalibration.R: Idem

        * .travis.yml: Revert to main repo now that pull request is in

2014-03-26  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/discount.cpp: Changed to use Rcpp Attributes
        * R/discount.R: Changed call in default methods accordingly

        * src/discount.cpp: Updated copyright header with gnu.org URL
        * R/discount.R: Idem

2014-03-25  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/barrier_binary.cpp: Changed to use Rcpp Attributes
        * R/implied.R: Changed call in default methods accordingly
        * R/option.R: Idem
        * man/BarrierOption.Rd: Updated as param. list no longer returned
        * man/BinaryOption.Rd: Idem
        * man/BinaryOptionImpliedVolatility.Rd: Idem

        * src/barrier_binary.cpp: Updated copyright header with gnu.org URL
        * R/implied.R: Idem
        * R/option.R: Idem

2014-03-24  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/asian.cpp: Changed to use Rcpp Attributes
        * R/asian.R: Changed call in default method accordingly
        * man/asian.Rd: Updated as parameter list no longer returned

        * src/asian.cpp: Updated copyright header with gnu.org URL
        * R/asian.R: Idem

        * inst/unitTests/runit.calendar.R: Corrected mode

2014-03-23  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/zero.cpp: Changed to use Rcpp Attributes

2014-03-22  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/calendars.cpp: Changed to use Rcpp Attributes
        * src/daycounter.cpp: Idem

        * R/calendars.R: Commented-out / adapted as RcppExports.R takes over
        * R/dayCounter.R: Commented-out as RcppExports.R takes over

        * man/Calendars.Rd: Minor adjustments to documentation of default argument

        * src/rquantlib.h: Moved from inst/include to avoid lower / uppercase
        clash; this header really is an internal definition header; sources
        the content formerly in quantlib.h
        * inst/include/rquantlib_internal.h: Formerly known as rquantlib.h

        * inst/include/rquantlib_wrappers.h (Rcpp): Moved definition of as<>
        and wrap for Date and DateVector here to be read by plugin; added
        definitions for vector of dates

        * src/rquantlib: New as<> and wrap converters for DateVector

        * src/bermudan.cpp: Use as<> and wrap converters for Date and DateVector
        * src/bonds.cpp: Idem
        * src/calendars.cpp: Idem
        * src/daycounter.cpp: Idem
        * src/discount.cpp: Idem
        * src/hullwhite.cpp: Idem
        * src/utils.cpp: Idem
        * src/zero.cpp: Idem

        * src/utils.cpp: Retire old dateFromR() converter replaces by as<>

        * inst/include/RQuantLib.h: Also include 'wrapper' header for converters

        * R/inline.R (inlineCxxPlugin): Plugin reads header RQuantLib.h

2014-03-21  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/utils.cpp: Added as<> and wrap conversion for QuantLib::Date

        * src/dates.cpp (advanceDate): Added simple test date function, also
        uses Rcpp Attributes as a first test case

        * inst/include/RQuantLib.h: Added and edited to allow inclusion of
        actual rquantlib.h header via RcppExports

2014-03-20  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/bonds.cpp (FittedBondCurve): Converted from deprecated
        FixedRateBondHelper to BondHelper with a FixedRateBond

2014-03-16  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/calendars.cpp: Applied patch by Danilo Dias da Silva to support
        more calendars by adding more than two dozen new identifiers

        * man/Calendars.Rd: Updated accordingly

2014-03-09  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.12

        * man/FittedBondCurve.Rd: Test for suggested package zoo before use

2014-03-08  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * configure: Updated for Rcpp 0.11.0 and later
        * configure.in: Idem

        * src/Makevars.win: Updated for Rcpp 0.11.0 and later

        * R/inline.R (.onLoad): Set a default value of NULL for the QL libs
        and headers, and only override if either the corresponding env.vars
        are set are the quantlib-config script can be found

        * R/inline.R: Only supply LdFlags() and CFlags() results if stored
        values are non-null

2014-02-05  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * R/inline.R (.onLoad): No longer need to add LdFlags() from Rcpp to
        PKG_LIBS when preparing ql_libs.
        * R/inline.R (inlineCxxPlugin): Rcpp.plugin.maker() can now be called
        directly as it is imported from Rcpp

        * DESCRIPTION: Add a requirement for Rcpp 0.11.0 or later

        * NAMESPACE: Import Rcpp.plugin.maker from Rcpp

2014-01-26  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.11

        * R/inline.R: For now, revert to using Rcpp:::Rcpp.plugin.maker() as
        only unreleased Rcpp exports this right now; will use '::' later

2014-01-15  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/utils.cpp: Make the epoch-offset between QL and R an internal
        const here, rather than accessing it from R's Date class

        * DESCRIPTION: Update Depends and Imports relationships

        * R/inline.R: Call Rcpp::LdFlags() now that it is exported
        * R/inline.R: Idem for Rcpp::Rcpp.plugin.maker()

        * man/AsianOption.Rd: Indent to less that 90 columns
        * man/BinaryOption.Rd: Idem
        * man/BondUtilities.Rd: Idem
        * man/Calendars.Rd: Idem
        * man/EuropeanOptionArrays.Rd: Idem
        * man/FixedRateBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ImpliedVolatility.Rd: Idem

        * R/mod.R: Do not attempt to load modules for now

2013-05-26  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * R/inline.R: Adding a plugin for use by Rcpp attribute or inline

        * inst/include/rquantlib.h: Moved from src/ to expose the RQuantLib
        API for use by the plugin (and the header file / API needs to be
        properly defined; this file is probably too large)

        * src/Makevars.in: Adjust for header file move
        * src/Makevars.win: Idem

2013-02-17  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.10

        * man/Bond.Rd: Use a flat discount curve in example
        * man/DiscountCurve.Rd: Idem
        * man/FixedRateBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/FLoatingRateBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ZeroCouponBond.Rd: Idem

        * R/arrays.R (plotOptionSurface): Use explicit `rgl::' prefix for all
        functions from the rgl package to suppress spurious codetools warning

        * demo/OptionSurfaces.R: Reindented

        * cleanup: Simplified and updated

2012-12-02  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/discount.cpp (DiscountCurve): R-devel on Windows now longer
        likes a data.frame instantiation here, so passing back as list and ...
        * R/discount.R (DiscountCurve.default): ... making it a data.frame here.

2012-12-01  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.9

        * src/vanilla.cpp (AmericanOption): Support engine choice, adding
        "CrankNicolson" to the default "BaroneAdesiWhaley" as the former adds
        delta + gamma -- thanks to Bryan Lewis for the suggestion
        * R/option.R: Support new the new 'engine' option
        * man/AmericanOption.Rd: Document new 'engine' option

        * src/bonds.cpp: Remove remaining std::cout use
        * src/curve.cpp: Idem
        * src/zero.cpp: Idem

2011-12-27  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/Makevars.win: Add -I"" which is what other CRAN
        packages depending on Boost do

2011-09-11  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.8

2011-09-10  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * R/dayCounter.R: Added new function 'setEvaluationDate' as a simple
        pass-through function to set a date as the QuantLib evaluation date
        * src/daycounter.cpp: C++ part of setEvaluationDate()
        * man/Calendars.Rd: Documentation for setEvaluationDate()

2011-09-09  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/discount.cpp (DiscountCurve): Cache the (global) value of
          QuantLib::Settings::instance().evaluationDate() and reset it at end,
          with thanks to Helmut Heiming for the bug report.

2011-05-02  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * configure.in: If g++ version 4.6 or newer is detected, add the
        -fpermissive option (which was also required in a Debian-only fix
        release of 0.3.7 which was made today)

2011-04-04  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/Makevars.win: Simplified using lib${R_ARCH}

2011-04-03  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.7

        * man/ConvertibleBond.Rd: Commented-out URLs with 70+ character
        length as they trigger a bug when the corresponding latex manual is
        typeset with the a4 style file. Thanks to Uwe Ligges for spotting this.
        * man/Enum.Rd: Idem
        * man/FittedBondCurve.Rd: Idem

        * src/Makevars.win: Adjust link command to '-lQuantLib', and support
        32 and 64 bit builds of the QuantLib library

2011-02-21  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.6

        * src/bermudan.cpp: Added two explicit casts to double scalar
        * src/utils.cpp: Idem

2010-11-15  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.5

        * DESCRIPTION: Added RUnit to Suggests:

        * src/bonds.cpp: Use std::vector< RelinkableHandle < Quote>> to
        store a vector of quotes, rather than a variable length array which
        g++ -pedantic and the ISO C++ standard both dislike
        * src/zero.cpp: Idem

        * man/Calendars.Rd: Folded manual pages adjust.Rd, advance.Rd,
        businessDaysBetween.Rd, dayCount.Rd, yearFraction into this.

        * man/ConvertibleBond.Rd: Folded manual pages
        ConvertibleFixedCouponBond.Rd, ConvertibleFloatingCouponBond.Rd, and
        ConvertibleZeroCouponBond.Rd into this one.

        * man/FixedRateBond.Rd: Folded manual pages FixedRateBondYield.Rd
        FixedRateBondPriceByYield.Rd into this one.

        * man/ZeroCouponBond.Rd: Folded manual pages ZeroPriceByYield.Rd
        and ZeroYield.Rd into this one.

        * tests/RQuantlib.Rout.save: Updated to results from running against
        QuantLib 1.0.1 which affected one yield computation at the third
        decimal, as well as one date calculation.

2010-11-01  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * man/AmericanOption.Rd: Correction to how generics are documented
        * man/AmericanOptionImpliedVolatility.Rd: Idem
        * man/BarrierOption.Rd: Idem
        * man/BinaryOptionImpliedVolatility.Rd: Idem
        * man/BinaryOption.Rd: Idem
        * man/EuropeanOptionImpliedVolatility.Rd: Idem
        * man/EuropeanOption.Rd: Idem
        * man/Bond.Rd: Idem
        * man/CallableBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ConvertibleFixedCouponBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ConvertibleFloatingCouponBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ConvertibleZeroCouponBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/FixedRateBondPriceByYield.Rd: Idem
        * man/FixedRateBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/FixedRateBondYield.Rd: Idem
        * man/FloatingRateBond.Rd: Idem
        * man.ImpliedVolatility.Rd: Idem
        * man/Option.Rd: Idem
        * man/ZeroCouponBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ZeroPriceByYield.Rd: Idem
        * man/ZeroYield.Rd: Idem

        * R/bond.R: Standardised generics

        * DESCRIPTION: Added Suggests: zoo

2010-08-09  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.4

        * src/rquantlib.h: No longer use 'using namespace QuantLib'
        * src/asian.cpp: Switch to explicitly reference all QuantLib objects
        * src/barrier_binary.cpp: Idem
        * src/bermudan.cpp: Idem
        * src/bonds.cpp: Idem
        * src/calendars.cpp: Idem
        * src/curves.cpp: Idem
        * src/daycounter.cpp: Idem
        * src/discount.cpp: Idem
        * src/hullwhite.cpp: Idem
        * src/implieds.cpp: Idem
        * src/utils.cpp: Idem
        * src/vanilla.cpp: Idem
        * src/zero.cpp: Idem

2010-08-07  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * R/arrays.R: Rewrote EuropeanOptionArrays() to have vectorisation on
        the C++ side rather than in R; external interface unchanged and the
        old implementation is still available as a fallback if needed
        * src/vanilla.cpp: New function EuropeanOptionArrays() looping over a
        grid defined by vectors of any two of the six possible numeric inputs
        * man/EuropeanOptionArrays.Rd: Updated accordingly

        * R/arrays.R: New function plotOptionSurface() (from existing demo)
        * man/EuropeanOptionArrays.Rd: Added documentation

        * src/*cpp: Drop QL_ prefix from functions called from R
        * R/*: Drop QL_ prefix in functions called by .Call()

2010-08-06  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/rquantlib.hpp: Renamed to rquantlib.h to suppress a warning
        in the upcoming R release (as requested by Kurt Hornik)
        * src/*.cpp: Adjust to '#include ' instead

2010-08-03  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.3

2010-08-02  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * inst/unitTests/runit.options.R: Updated asian option test for
        arithmetic averaging based on QuantLib's test-suite code
        * R/asian.R: Removed two unused parameters, updated use of maturity
        used only for geometric averaging
        * man/asian.Rd: Corresponding manual page update

        * src/Makevars.win: Simplified Makefile.win into Makevars.win and
        updated to e.g. the new sub-arch path for Rscript.exe

2010-07-05  Khanh Nguyen  

        * src/asian.cpp: Added arithmetic average case
        * R/asian.R: Idem
        * man/asian.Rd: Idem

2010-06-30  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * inst/unitTests/runit.calendar.R: Beginnings of calendar unit tests

2010-06-23  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/*: Converted remainder of code to new Rcpp API

2010-06-20  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * R/calendar.R: New helper function setCalendarContext()
        setting calendar, fixingDays and settleDate
        * src/calendar.cpp: Implementation, setting RQLContext
        * man/setCalendarContext.Rd: Documentation

        * src/bermudan.cpp: take calendar info from RQLContext
        * src/discount.cpp: idem
        * src/utils.cpp: idem

        * src/*.cpp: Some minor cleanup and reindentation,
          ensure Settings::instance().evaluationDate() is set

2010-06-19  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/bonds.cpp: Converted to new API

        * src/utils.cpp: Factored-out utility functions from bonds.cpp
        * src/rquantlib.hpp: Declarations for new utility functions
        * src/bonds.cpp: Some refactoring

2010-06-18  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/bonds.cpp: Converted to new API

2010-06-17  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/curves.cpp: Converted to new API
        * src/discount.cpp: Idem
        * src/hullwhite.cpp: Idem
        * src/bermudan.cpp: Idem

2010-06-16  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/utils.cpp: Added simple getOptionType() helper
        * src/rquantlib.hpp: Added simple getOptionType() helper definition
        * src/*cpp: Use getOptionType()

        * src/asian.cpp: Converted to new API
        * src/barrier_binary.cpp: Idem
        * src/implieds.cpp: Idem
        * src/cbond.cpp: Idem
        * src/daycounter.cpp: Idem
        * src/zero.cpp: Idem

2010-06-15  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/vanilla.cpp: Converted to new API

2010-06-14  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/calendars.cpp: Yet more simplification from "new" Rcpp API
        * R/calendars.R: Simpler too as we get simpler result objects back

2010-06-12  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/calendars.cpp: More code simplification using "new" Rcpp API

        * src/utils.cpp: Add Brazil + South Korea to getCalendar()
        * src/calendars.cpp: Move getCalendar() into this file

2010-06-11  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/calendars.cpp: Simplified code by using more of Rcpp's new API
        * DESCRIPTION: Encode "Rcpp (>=" aka current SVN

        * DESCRIPTION: Switch to 'LinkingTo: Rcpp'
        * configure.in: No longer need CxxFlags for Rcpp thanks to LinkingTo
        * src/Makefile.win: Idem

2010-06-09  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * man/DiscountCurve.Rd: Uncomment futures entries as there are
        numerical issues (in QuantLib) with the spline curve fit when present

2010-04-29  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/*.cpp: Suppress a few g++ warnings

        * src/calendar.cpp: Added South Korea and Brazil

2010-04-21  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * inst/unitTests/runitOptions.R: Updated binary option test

2010-04-05  Khanh Nguyen  

        * R/hullWhiteCalibration.R: added Hull-White calibration
        * src/hullwhite.cpp: added Hull-White calibration

2010-02-12  Khanh Nguyen  

        * R/*,src/*: Remove some deprecated fixed income code
        * tests/*: Remove corresponding tests

2010-01-23  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * NAMESPACE: Some small cleanups

2010-01-22  Khanh Nguyen 

        * NAMESPACE: Added, filled with functions and methods

        * R/*Bond.R: add default values to bond functions, especially the date
        parameters (dayCounter, settlement days, compounding frequency,..)
        so that it is less confusing when using the functions.
        * man/*Bond.Rd: idem
        * New examples that use default values for bonds.

2010-01-14  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.2 which works with QuantLib 0.9.9
          (as well as with the brand-new first beta for QuantLib 1.0.0)

        * src/Makefile.win: Keep QL 0.9.9 hard-coded until 1.0.0 is out

2010-01-14  Khanh Nguyen 

* pkg/R/calendars.R: Fix generic function issue with advance
        * man/advance_by_timeunit.Rd: idem
        * man/advance_by_period.Rd: idem
        * man/advance.Rd: deleted

        * src/dayCounter.cpp: Added dayCounter functions
        * pkg/R/dayCounter.R: idem
        * man/dayCount.R: idem
        * man/yearFraction.R: idem

2010-01-13  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/asian.cpp: updated for Rcpp (>= 0.7.0), switched to explicit
          Rf_error() and Rf_length() where needed with R_NO_REMAP defined
        * src/barrier_binary.cpp: idem
        * src/bermudan.cpp: idem
        * src/bonds.cpp: idem
        * src/discount.cpp: idem
        * src/implieds.cpp: idem
        * src/rquantlib.hpp: idem
        * src/utils.cpp: idem
        * src/vanilla.cpp: idem
        * DESCRIPTION: Depends on Rcpp (>= 0.7.0)

2010-01-12  Khanh Nguyen 

        * src/calendars.cpp: Add new calendaring functionality
        * src/calendars.hpp: idem
        * R/calendars.R: idem
        * man/endOfMonth.Rd: idem
        * man/isHoliday.Rd: idem
        * man/holidayList.Rd: idem
        * man/businessDaysBetwee.Rd: idem
        * man/adjust.Rd: idem
        * man/isEndOfMonth.Rd: idem
        * man/isWeekend.Rd: idem

2009-12-12  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.1 for QuantLib 0.9.9

        * src/Makefile.win: Update to QL 0.9.9 as well

2009-11-02  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * man/*.Rd: Commented-out a few empty sections as noticed by R 2.10.0
        * man/*.Rd: Update the curve data for the curve examples using data
          from QuantLib's Examples/Swap/swapvaluation.cpp; with QuantLib
          0.9.9 all numerical issues appear to be gone
        * man/*.Rd: Some minor white-space changes

        * src/*cpp: Small updates for QuantLib 0.9.9:
          - FDEuropeanEngine now needs a template argument for the scheme,
            current default is CrankNicholson
          - NULL_RateHelper construct no longer works, so we test the return
            from getRateHelper() via ptr.get() == NULL

2009-10-16  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * man/DiscountCurve.Rd: Change as per QL 0.9.7's Swap/swapvaluation.cpp

2009-09-06  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/Makefile.win: Small rewrite to automatically build over all
          included .cpp files and some other fixes

2009-09-05  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.3.0 reflecting all the excellent
          Google Summer of Code 2009 work by Khanh Nguyen as well
          as other small enhancements

        [ Changes by Khanh Nguyen below ]

        * R/bond.R: Added pricing functionality for various new instrument
        * R/discount.R: Idem
        * src/bonds.cpp: Idem
        * src/discount.cpp: Idem
        * src/utils.cpp: Idem

        * man/Bond.Rd: Added documentaiont for new functions
        * man/CallableBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ConvertibleFixedCouponBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ConvertibleFloatingCouponBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ConvertibleZeroCouponBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/Enum.Rd: Idem
        * man/FittedBondCurve.Rd: Idem
        * man/FixedRateBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/FixedRateBondCurve.Rd: Idem
        * man/FixedRateBondPriceByYield.Rd: Idem
        * man/FixedRateBondYield.Rd: Idem
        * man/FloatingRateBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ZeroCouponBond.Rd: Idem
        * man/ZeroPriceByYield.Rd: Idem
        * man/ZeroYield.Rd: Idem

        * rests/RQuantLib.R: Added tests for new functions
        * rests/RQuantLib.Rout.save: Added tests ouput for new functions

        [ Changes by Dirk Eddelbuettel below ]

        * man/BondUtilities.Rd: Added documentation for new function

        * R/calendars.R: Add support to access QuantLib calendars from R
        * src/calendars.cpp Idem
        * man/Calendars.Rd: Idem

        * src/bonds.cpp: Small C++ fixes to suppres g++ warnings
        * INDEX: Updated via 'R CMD build --force'
        * inst/QuantLib-License.txt: Updated to version from QL 0.9.7

2009-03-30  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/{barrier_binary,implied,vanilla}.cpp: More direct
          initialization of option parameters

        * man/*.Rd: Corrected use of quotes which do not need escapes

2009-03-03  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.2.11, updated for Rcpp 0.6.4

        * src/{*.cpp,rquantlib.hpp}: Updated for Rcpp 0.6.4 and the
          requirement to explicit reference all object from namespace
          std, e.g. now use std::string

        * src/*: Updated all copyright notices to 2009

2008-12-04  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.2.10, updated for QL 0.9.7 and Rcpp 0.6.1
        * configure.in: Updated for new scheme of external Rcpp package,
          added explicit check for Rscript, added some more messages, make
          sure Rscript is looked for inside R_HOME as well

        * RcppSrc/: removed, we now use Rcpp (>= 0.6.1)
        * configure.win: Just check for QUANTLIB_ROOT variable, no more
          building of RcppSrc/ as we use the externally supplied Rcpp package
        * R/RcppVersion: removed as Rcpp is no longer include
        * man/RcppVersion.Rd: removed as Rcpp is no longer include
        * src/Makefile.win: Updated to reflect external Rcpp use

        * src/rquantlib.hpp: include Rcpp.h, not .hpp; define dateFromR()
        * src/utils.cpp: Added dateFromR() to deal with different date
          offsets between R (using the Unix epoch) and QL (using spreadsheet

        * src/bermudan.cpp: A few small changes related to external Rcpp
        * src/discount.cpp: A few small changes related to external Rcpp

2008-08-09  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.2.9, updated for QL 0.9.6
        * configure.in: Updated for 0.9.6

        * src/curves.cpp: Minor updates for QL 0.9.6 API changes

2008-01-01  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.2.8, updated for QL 0.9.0

        * R/option.R: For BinaryOption, added new arguments 'binType' and
          'excType' to select the type of Binary (cash, asset or gap) and
          exercise (european or american).

        * RcppSrc/Rcpp.cpp,src/*cpp: Added const char* casts for Rprintf
        * src/BinaryOptions.cpp: Support new binType and excType arguments
        * src/*cpp: Generally updated for QL 0.9.0 changes
        * src/discount.cpp: New boolean variable flatQuotes
        * man/{BinaryOption,DiscountCurve}.Rd: Updated for new arguments

        * inst/unitTests: Added unit testing using the RUnit package

2007-07-01  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.2.7, updated for QL 0.8.1
        * configure.in: Require QuantLib 0.8.1, and Boost 1.34.0

2007-06-30  Dominick Samperi  

        * src/bermudan.cpp, src/curves.cpp: Updated for QL 0.8.1

2007-02-25  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Relase 0.2.5 updated for Quantlib 0.4.0

        * configure.in: Require Quantlib 0.4.0

2007-02-24  Dominick Samperi  

        * src/bermudan.cpp: Several updates for Quantlib 0.4.0

2006-11-10  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * man/*.Rd: Updates to default method docs suggested by Kurt Hornik
2006-11-06  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.2.5 updated for QuantLib 0.3.14

        * src/*.cpp:  Several minor changes for class renaming and
          interface changes on the QuantLib side of things

2006-08-14  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.2.4 updated for QuantLib 0.3.13; this
          required some changes in the fixed-income functions

        * configure.in: Tests for QuantLib version 0.3.13

        * tests/RQuantLib.R: Added the beginnings of unit-tests
        * tests/RQuantLib.Rout.save: Control output for unit tests

2006-07-23  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.2.3 using the new RcppTemplate version 4.2
        * src/*: RcppTemplate is now used for all R/C++ interfaces
          features from the new RcppTemplate

2006-03-30  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.2.2 once more with thanks to Dominick

2006-03-23  Dominick Samperi  

        * configure.in, configure.win,
          inst/lib/Makefile, inst/lib/Makefile.win,
          src/Makefile, src/Makefile.win,
          cleanup: modified to support use of RcppTemplate V2.2.
          RQuantLib shared library (or DLL) is created by linking
          against RcppSrc/libRcpp.a.
          Tested against QuantLib 0.3.12.

        * Rcpp.{cpp,hpp}: added latest versions from RcppTemplate package.

2006-01-10  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.2.1 with thanks to Dominick

2006-01-10  Dominick Samperi 

        * man/DiscountCurve.Rd: Fixed typo and commented out rates
          needing to be fractions in fixed formating in DiscountCurve example

        * src/Rcpp.{hpp,cpp},src/{curves,discount,bermudan}.cpp:
          modified to throw exceptions instead of calling R's error() function.
2005-10-27  Dominick Samperi 

        * src/Rcpp.{hpp,cpp}: Some minor adjustments. Moved matrix and
          vector indexing into header file.
        * src/rquantlib.hpp: Added ifdef to protect against multiple includes.

2005-10-26  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Preparing release 0.2.0 regrouping the numerous changes --
          contributed mostly by Dominick -- since the 0.1.13 release

2005-10-13  Dominick Samperi 

        * src/Rcpp.{hpp,cpp}: Improved error messages

2005-10-08  Dominick Samperi 

        * src/Rcpp.cpp: Implemented Rcpp, R/C++ interface classes, and
          modified discount.cpp and bermudan.cpp to use it.

        * src/Rcpp.hpp: Header files for latter.
2005-10-03  Dominick Samperi 

        * inst/Boost-License.txt, inst/QuantLib-License.txt: License files
          for Boost and QuantLib.

        * Windows is now supported using a binary package that does not
          require the user to install a compiler, Boost, or QuantLib. Had
          to add Makefile.win, configure.win, etc.
        * R/discount.R: new DiscountCurve function that constructs the
          spot term structure of interest rates based on
          market observables like
          deposit rates, futures prices, FRA rates, and swap rates. Supports
          the fitting of discount factors, forward rates, or zero coupon
          rates, using linear, log-linear, and cubic spline interpolation.

        * man/DiscountCurve.Rd: man page for DiscountCurve.
        * R/bermudan.R: new function that prices a Bermudan swaption
          using a choice of four models: G2 analytic, Hull-White analytic,
          Hull-White tree, and Black-Karasinski tree.

        * man/BermudanSwaption.Rd: man page for BermudanSwaption.
        * src/curves.cpp: utility code for curve construction.

        * src/discount.cpp: implements DiscountCurve.

        * src/bermudan.cpp: implements BermudanSwaption.

        * src/utils.cpp: added utility functions to simplify communication
          with R.

        * src/rquantlib.hpp: contains prototypes for utility functions and
          new definitions for Windows.

        * Changed: suffix .cc to .cpp, and .h to .hpp.
2005-09-16  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * demo/OptionSurfaces.R: added demo with OpenGL visualizations
          of option analytics, requires rgl package
          [ Update: not released as rgl crashes on some platforms ]

2005-08-06  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.13 matching the new QuantLib 0.3.10 release

        * Implied volatilies are back!
          With gcc/g++ 4.0, the segmentation fault that I was seeing
          on implied volatility using gcc/g++ 3.3 (but which others did
          not see with gcc/g++ 3.2) has disappeared, so the
          corresponding code has been reactivated.
        * BinaryOptionImpliedVolatility() is also back

        * src/*.cc, R/*.R: Removed a lot of commented-out code

2005-04-26  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.12 matching the upcoming QuantLib 0.3.9 release
        * configure.in: Test for QuantLib>= 0.3.8

        * src/*.cc: Several changes for QuantLib 0.3.9:
          - use Handle<...> instead of RelinkableHandle<...>
          - use YieldTermStructure instead of TermStructure
          - use today + length instead of today.plusDays

2004-12-27  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.11 matching the new QuantLib 0.3.8 release

        * configure.in: Added tests for Boost headers, with thanks and
          a nod to QuantLib for the actual autoconf code

        * src/{barrier_binary.cc,implieds.cc,vanilla.cc}: Option type
          'Straddle' now unsupported, hence commented out
        * man/*.Rd: Similarly removed reference to straddle from docs
        * src/{barrier_binary.cc,implieds.cc,utils.cc,vanilla.cc}:
          Renamed BlackScholesStochasticProcess to BlackScholesProcess

        * src/vanilla.cc: Changed Handle to boost::shared_ptr
2004-09-12  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.10

        * Switched to using Boost library as per QuantLin 0.3.7

        * AmericanOption now uses the Barone-Adesi-Whaley approximation
        * Implied volatility for both European and American options
          currently segfaults when called from R, though the code itself
          works as standalon. The code also works from R when the implied
          calculation call is skipped. Something is corrupting memory
          somewhere. For now, we return NA for either function.

2004-08-06  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Added SystemRequirements for QuantLib

2004-05-26  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.9

        * man/EuropeanOption.Rd: Added corrections for the issues raised
          by Ajay Shah in the Debian bug report #249240

        * man/{AmericanOption,BarrierOption,BinaryOption}.Rd: Idem

2004-04-05  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.8

        * src/{barrier_binary,implieds,utils,vanilla}.cc: Updated to the
          new QuantLib 0.3.5 pricer framework.  This currently implies
          that options priced using the binomial engines do not have
          Greeks; this should be addressed in a future QuantLib release.

        * man/{BarrierOption,AmericanOption}.Rd: Note that Greeks are
          currently unavailable with binary pricers

2003-11-28  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.7

        * src/barrier_binary.cc:
          -- split off from RQuantLib.cc
          -- added three more greeks to Barrier Option
          -- reflected small change in QuantLib types for Barrier Options

        * src/implieds.cc
          -- split off from RQuantLib.cc
          -- rewritten functions for implied volatility on European and
             American options using new QuantLib framework
        * src/utils.cc
          -- split off from RQuantLib.cc

        * src/vanilla.cc
          -- rump of RQuantLib.cc, renamed
2003-07-31  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.6

        * man/{EuropeanOption,ImpliedVolatility}: Two small corrections
          to argument call mismatches found by R CMD check

2003-05-31  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.5

        * R/{option,implied}.R: generic/method consistency improved
          following heads-up, and subsequent help, from BDR. Thanks!
2003-03-25  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.4
        * data/:  Removed empty directory as suggested by Kurt

        * configure.in: Several additions:
          - test for g++>= 3.0, kindly provided by Kurt
          - test for QuantLib>= 0.3, along the same lines
          - converted from autoconf 2.13 to 2.50
        * cleanup: Remove temp dir created by autoconf

2003-02-05  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.3

        * R/*.R: Added PACKAGE="RQuantLib" to .Call() as suggested by Kurt

        * DESCRIPTION: Removed QuantLib from Depends as requested by Kurt,
          and added explanation to Description

2002-11-13  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.2

        * Minor correction to EuropeanOptionArrays manual page indexing

2002-11-11  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Release 0.1.1

        * Added barrier option

        * Minor corrections and completions to documentation
2002-02-25  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * Initial 0.1.0 release


RQuantLib is Copyright(c) 2002 - 2009 by Dirk Eddelbuettel, Copyright(c) 2009 - 2010 by Dirk Eddelbuettel and Khanh Nguyen, and Copyright(c) 2005 - 2007 by Dominick Samperi.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. There is NO warranty whatsoever. This package is released under the GNU General Public License

GNU R is released under the same terms, the GNU General Public License.

QuantLib is released under the QuantLib license, a modified BSD license which is compatible with the GPL, see Quantlib's license and copyrights page.

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