Tue, 15 Mar 2005

Grrrnnnnlll ... those clowns at Comcast!

As I blogged this morning before heading to work, Comcast rotated our IP address in the middle of the night. What I didn't mention, and what looked fishy, was that they placed us onto a completely different address block.

And lo and behold, while I was at work, everything dropped once again leading to an eight hour outage. We're back now, on the previously used network address block, in hopes of sticking with this new address for the usual nine month. DNS et al have been updated for the main address but I still need to update the quantian.org address.

Apologies to everybody who tried to connect in the interim, but this is unfortunately beyong my control.

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Once again an IP change from comcast

Well, following the previously blogged changes in March 2003, December 2003 and August 2004, we were once again moved to a new IP address by Comcast.

Having updated the DNS entry, and thanks to quick redirection at Gandi, web traffic is already back. If you're on cached DNS data, it should get reflected "soon" too.

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