Sun, 17 Apr 2005

Quantian mentioned in Wired

The on-line version of Wired has a story about Ian Latter and CHAOS in which he digs Quantian. Ian is the author of CHAOS (old site) which was originally put together by Ian while he was doing security work for Macquarie University in Australia. Ian is now with the IT security consulting firm PureHacking, and they have re-adopted CHAOS and are releasing new versions.

CHAOS is a very small 6 mb iso distribution ideally suited for booting nodes in an openMosix cluster. Moreover, CHAOS is generally plug-in compatible with clusterKnoppix, and thus with Quantian allowing for a very powerful combination of, say, a Quantian-booted cluster head node (serving its six gigabytes of software) that can be set up with a large number of ad-hoc CHAOS (new site) drones booted of their compact six megabytes distribution.

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