Mon, 29 May 2006

Quantian HOWTO on running / installing inside a VMWare Player virtual disk

Based on the detailed notes by Simon Blomberg which he sent me by email, I added a reasonably detailed HOWTO on running Quantian via the VMWare Player. I had intially blogged about this here and here, but never expanded on this.

The HOWTO shows how to create a virtual disk using the qemu-img command from qemu, how to add such a disk image to simple the VMWare Player configuration file, and howto install into that disk, and later boot from it, inside a VMWare Player session.

All of this should actually work for just about any bootable iso with an installer, not just those that are based on Knoppix. Feedback welcome!

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Bike The Drive 2006

Yesterday was the annual Bike The Drive in Chicago. The very scenic Lakeshore Drive, also known as LSD, gets blocked for four or five hours until 10:00am, and almost 20,000 cyclists take advantage of it for doing 15 to 30 miles from Grant Park down to Hyde Park, and up all the way to Bryn Mawr. Couldn't have asked for a nicer day as all of a sudden summer has broken out here with temperatures of over 90 degrees fahrenheit. It's really stunning to have the sunlight gleaming over the lake, to see the city skyline in bright sunlight, and to be surrounded by nothing but bikes. A nice outing, highly recommended. We then took the afternoon off and baked at the neighborhood pool.

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