Fri, 25 Apr 2008

Google Summer of Code 2008 projects assigned

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I had submitted two entries as possible topics for this year's version of the Google Summer of Code. And lo and behold, the response was very, very good and both applications were slotted!

For the topic 'create a PostgreSQL package for R that uses the standard DBI interface', a number of interested students contacted me, and a total of three applications were submitted. And while the R Foundation was only able to allocate four topics among a number of really good applications, Sameer Prayaga was our pick for this topic. It would be nice to fill this gap among the existing database connection methods for R, and I feel that Sameer can pull this off.

For the second topic of 'create a cran2deb tool for converting CRAN sources into Debian package' which I had submitted within Debian, Charles Blundell wrote an excellent application. In a way, this topic is a '2.0' version of our previous attempts of a 'top-down' set of tools in the pkg-bioc project on Alioth. This time, we will try something smaller, maybe more modular and lighter and see how far we get there if we try it 'bottom-up'.

And as we are currently in the community bonding phase, say Hi to Sameer or Charles when you come across them these days.

Lastly, I'd like to thank everybody who submitted an entry at Debian or R, or who contacted me about one of the topics I posted. The respone was very humbling, many of you were imminently qualified and seemingly very motivated -- but even Google's pockets can only pay for a finite number of projects. Sorry if yours did not get picked.

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