Sun, 05 Oct 2008

World Marathon Majors

Last Sunday's Berlin Marathon was my fifth and final piece in completing the World Marathon Majors during 2007/2008: after running Boston, Chicago and New York in 2007, and then London and now Berlin in 2008, the set is complete.

The idea was born after having run Chicago a few times, qualifying for Boston and winning a New York lottery entry. With friends to visit in New York, London and Berlin, it became feasible.

It's been a great experience to run these famous courses in front of large crowds. Conditions ranged from cold, windy and rainy in Boston to way too hot in Chicago, had mixed conditions including a solid rain shower in London and were just perfect in both New York and Berlin. The crowds were awesome in all five places. All in all, these races were a blast -- if you're into long-distance running, give each or all of them a shot.

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