Sun, 01 Mar 2009

Rcpp 0.6.4

A new maintenance version of Rcpp (now at 0.6.4) was just pushed to CRAN and has been uploaded to Debian. Rcpp is a set of utility classes that provide interfaces for transferring the major R data types to C++ and back which makes it easier to extend R with dynamically loadable code written in C or C++.

This version changes how use the std namespace: all usage is now properly prefixed. Likewise, we now define R_NO_REMAP to not let R define utility functions as length() or error() which occassionally creates trouble with other include files -- so now use the more explicit forms Rf_length(), Rf_error() etc. Also, starting from this release, C++ class documentation created by Doxygen is included; it can also be seen from my box as both browsable html and a pdf file. Lastly, this version also adds a minor correction to the Windows build (spotted by Uwe and Simon).

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