Mon, 26 Jul 2010

Rcpp 0.8.5

A new release (now at version 0.8.5) of Rcpp is now on CRAN and in Debian.

This release constitutes a quick follow-up to the last release 0.8.4 which we got out just before CRAN closed for summer vacations. Some fixes were made right after last release: two harmless warnings from the help file parser of the development version of R are now addressed, and we stopped using shell expansions in the Makefile snippets. We also added to some internal speedups we discovered while prepapring the talk about RProtoBuf for last week's useR! meeting.

The NEWS entry follows below:

0.8.5   2010-07-25

    o   speed improvements. Vector::names, RObject::slot have been improved
        to take advantage of R API functions instead of callbacks to R

    o   Some small updates to the Rd-based documentation which now points to 
        content in the vignettes.  Also a small formatting change to suppress
        a warning from the development version of R.

    o   Minor changes to Date() code which may reenable SunStudio builds

As always, even fuller details are in Rcpp Changelog page and the Rcpp page which also leads to the downloads, the browseable doxygen docs and zip files of doxygen output for the standard formats. A local directory has source and documentation too. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list off the R-Forge page

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