Sun, 17 Oct 2010

RPostgreSQL 0.1-7

After a somewhat long hiatus, RPostgreSQL version 0.1-7 has now been released to CRAN. RPostgreSQL connects R to PostgreSQL database systems using the standard DBI interface.

This version fixes a number of issues that had been compiled in the issue tracker on the project site at Google Code. Tomoaki Nishiyama, who joined our small development group for his package a few weeks ago, was instrumental in a number of these fixes, with assistance from Joe Conway.

The relevant NEWS file entry follows below:

Version 0.1-7 -- 2010-10-17

    o   Several potential buffer overruns were fixed

    o   dbWriteTable now writes a data.frame to database through a network
        connection rather than a temporary file. Note that row_names may be
        changed in future releases.  Also, passing in filenames instead of
        data.frame is not supported at this time. 

    o   When no host is specified, a connection to the PostgreSQL server 
        is made via UNIX domain socket (just like psql does)

    o   Table and column names are case sensitive, and identifiers are escaped
        or quoted appropriately, so that any form of table/column names can be
        created, searched, or removed, including upper-, lower- and mixed-case.

    o   nullOk in dbColumnInfo has a return value of NA when the column does
        not correspond to a column in the table. The utility of nullOk is
        doubtful but not removed at this time.

    o   Correct Windows getpid() declaration (with thanks to Brian D. Ripley)

    o   A call of as.POSIXct() with a time format string wrongly passed to TZ
        has been corrected; this should help with intra-day timestamps (with
        thanks to Steve Eick)

    o   Usage of tmpdir has been improved on similarly to Linux (with thanks
        to Robert McGehee)

More information is on the my RPostgreSQL page, and on project site at Google Code.

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