Mon, 09 Apr 2012

RcppDE 0.1.1

The RcppDE package required a bug-fix release. One of the tests compared results to those from the DEoptim package this is based upon, and these are no longer equal, leading the tests to fail. While I was at it, I finally committed a few more things that had piled up. Below are the corresponding ChangeLog entries
2012-04-08  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * DESCRIPTION: Release 0.1.1

        * tests/compTest.R: With the just-release DEoptim 2.2.0, results are
        no longer identical so we commented-out the stopifnot() comparison to
        not break any automated tests (as requested by the CRAN maintainers)

        * .Rbuildignore: Added a few more files which R CMD check does not
        want to see in the tarball

2011-03-07  Dirk Eddelbuettel  

        * src/evaluate.h: Also reflect '...' argument from R function we pass
        in, with thanks to Josh Ulrich for the one-line patch

        * R/DEoptim.R: No longer pass environment 'env' down
        * man/DEoptim.Rd: No longer document now unused 'env'

        * src/deoptim.cpp: Minor tweak to RcppArmadillo object creation

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