Sun, 12 May 2013

Recent Rcpp talks at U of C and MCW

A couple of days ago, I had an opportunity to give a guest lecture on our Rcpp package for R and C++ integration. This was in CMSC 12300 Computer Science with Applications-3 in the Department of Computer Science at University of Chicago. The course is the final part of a three term sequence introducing students to data-centric work in R, Python, Java and C++. I tried to keep it brief and engaging in order to motivate the why or R/C++ integration while providing plenry of useful examples.

And yesterday I got to spend a day giving an invited day-long workshop at the Medical College of Wisconsin as part of a two-day R workshop sponsored by the Milwaukee Chapter of the American Statistical Assocation as well as the CTSI and PCOR centers at the Medical College of Wisconsin. In the workshop, I followed the previously-used setup of four parts on introduction, Rcpp details, advanced topics and last-but-not-least applications, but also updated and extended to more recent topics.

Pdf slides from both events are now on my presentations page.

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