Fri, 30 Jan 2015

littler 0.2.2

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A new minor release of littler is available now.

Several examples were added or extended:

  • a new script check.r to check a source tarball with R CMD check after loading required packages first (and a good use case was given in the recent UBSAN testing with Rocker post);
  • a new script to launch Shiny apps via runApp();
  • a new feature to install.r and install2.r whereby source tarballs are recognized and installed directly
  • new options to install.r and install2.r to set repos and lib location.

See the littler examples page for more details.

Another useful change is that r now reads either one (or both) of /etc/littler.r and ~/.littler.r. These are interpreted as standard R files, allowing users to provide initialization, package loading and more.

Carl Boettiger and I continue to make good use of these littler examples (to to install directly from CRAN or GitHub, or to run checks) in our Rocker builds of R for Docker.

Full details for the littler release are provided as usual at the ChangeLog page.

The code is available via the GitHub repo, from tarballs off my littler page and the local directory here. A fresh package has gone to the incoming queue at Debian; Michael Rutter will probably have new Ubuntu binaries at CRAN in a few days too.

Comments and suggestions are welcome via the mailing list or issue tracker at the GitHub repo.

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