Sat, 14 Mar 2015

littler 0.2.3

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A new minor release of littler is available now.

It adds or extends a number of things:

  • added support for drat by adding a new example installDrat.r;

  • the install.r, install2.r and check.r scripts now use getOption("repos") to set the default repos; this works well with drat and multiple repos set via, e.g. ~/.littler.r or /etc/littler.r;

  • added support for installing Debian binaries as part of a check.r run, this can be particularly useful for one-command checks as done by some of the Rocker containers;

  • added support for reproducible builds: if REPRODUCIBLE_BUILD is defined, no date and time stamp is added to the binary;

  • added new command-line option -L|--libpath to expand the library path used for packages;

  • added support for setting multiple repos from the command-line in the install2.r script;

  • the manual page was updated with respect to recent additions;

  • a link to the examples web page was added to the --usage output display;

See the littler examples page for more details.

Full details for the littler release are provided as usual at the ChangeLog page.

The code is available via the GitHub repo, from tarballs off my littler page and the local directory here. A fresh package has gone to the incoming queue at Debian; Michael Rutter will probably have new Ubuntu binaries at CRAN in a few days too.

Comments and suggestions are welcome via the mailing list or issue tracker at the GitHub repo.

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