Sun, 12 Jul 2015

RcppRedis 0.1.4

A small update to RcppRedis arrived on CRAN a few days ago. One of the unit tests failed as we (still) initialized the rredis package (loaded only for a comparison) in a form long-internalized by Bryan Lewis, its author. No actual changes to functionality were; the only other changes is cosmetic and in response a R CMD check requirement where the curl binary seemingly fails to follow redirects so we removed the (official !) URL.

Changes in version 0.1.4 (2015-07-04)

  • Minor update to unit test setup for rredis.

  • No longer list URLs to Redis as automated CRAN tests for URL validity choke on redirects.

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for the most recent release. More information is on the RcppRedis page.

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