Tue, 08 Sep 2015

It was twenty years ago today...

sgt pepper

Hm, wasn't there a catchy tune that started that way? Just kidding.

But about twenty years ago today I sent this email about a new Debian package upload -- and that makes it (as best as I can tell) the earliest trace of me doing Debian work. It so happened that I did upload two packages in July of 1995 as well, but it was so early in the project that we did not have a mailing list archive for such things yet (!!). And I have a vague recollection that the two in July were an adoption---whereas the post referenced above announced efax as my first new package added to the distribution. And there were more to come ...

Anyway, thanks for all the fish! Twenty years with Debian has been a great, great ride. I learned a lot from a lot of fantastic people, and I hope I helped a few people along the way with a package or two I still maintain.

Debian remains a truly fabulous project which I hope will go strongly for another 20 (or even 22).

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