Sun, 06 Mar 2016

Rblpapi 'Release Candidate'

We have a made numerous changes to Rblpapi since the previous release 0.3.2 in early December. You can see the commits, or look at the ChangeLog or NEWS.Rd to get an indea of the changes. We have new functions, improved internals, bug fixes and more.

In order to facilitate more widespread testing, I have just placed source and (Windows) binaries in the ghrr drat repo from which you can install the new version simply via

drat:::add("ghrr")          # if you have drat installed
install.packages("Rblpapi") # uses the drat version b/c higher version number than release

Alternatively you can also do

drat:::add("ghrr")          # if you have drat installed
update.packages()           # refresh all packages against all repos

We would appreciate wider testing, and feedback / bug reports / ... via the issue tracker. PRs with unit test suggestions would also be most welcome -- we now use RUnit and run the tests if a file ~/.R/rblpapiOptions.R exists which sets the options() values for automatic connection (see help(blpConnect)) as well as the blpUnitTests=TRUE option. This is needed to 'opt-in' as standard test setups at [Travis])( or CRAN will not have access to a Bloomberg terminal.

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