Sat, 19 Nov 2016

BH 1.62.0-1

The BH package on CRAN was updated to version 1.62.0. BH provides a large part of the Boost C++ libraries as a set of template headers for use by R, possibly with Rcpp as well as other packages.

This release upgrades the version of Boost to the upstream version Boost 1.62.0, and adds three new libraries as shown in the brief summary of changes from the NEWS file which follows below.

Special thanks to Kurt Hornik and Duncan Murdoch for help tracking down one abort() call which was seeping into R package builds, and then (re-)testing the proposed fix. We are now modifying one more file ever so slightly to use ::Rf_error(...) instead.

Changes in version 1.62.0-1 (2016-11-15)

  • Upgraded to Boost 1.62 installed directly from upstream source

  • Added Boost property_tree as requested in #29 by Aydin Demircioglu

  • Added Boost scope_exit as requested in #30 by Kirill Mueller

  • Added Boost atomic which we had informally added since 1.58.0

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for the most recent release.

Comments and suggestions are welcome via the mailing list or the issue tracker at the GitHubGitHub repo.

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