Fri, 03 Feb 2017

RPushbullet 0.3.0

RPpushbullet demo

A major new update of the RPushbullet package is now on CRAN. RPushbullet interfacing the neat Pushbullet service for inter-device messaging, communication, and more. It lets you easily send alerts like the one to the to your browser, phone, tablet, ... -- or all at once.

This release owes a lot to Seth Wenchel who was instrumental in driving several key refactorings. We now use the curl package instead of relying on system() calls to the binary. We also switched from RJSONIO to jsonlite. A new helper function to create the required resourcefile was added, and several other changes were made as detailed below in the extract from the NEWS.Rd file.

Changes in version 0.3.0 (2017-02-03)

  • The curl binary use was replaced by use of the curl package; several new helper functions added (PRs #30, #36 by Seth closing #29)

  • Use of RJSONIO was replaced by use of jsonlite (PR #32 by Seth closing #31)

  • A new function pbSetup was added to aid creating the resource file (PRs #34, #37 by Seth and Dirk)

  • The package intialization was refactored so that non-loading calls such as RPushbullet::pbPost(...) now work (#33 closing #26)

  • The test suite was updated and extended

  • The Travis script was updated use

  • DESCRIPTION, and other files were updated for current R CMD check standards

  • Deprecated parts such as 'type=address' were removed, and the documentation was updated accordingly.

  • Coverage support was added (in a 'on-demand' setting as automated runs would need a Pushbullet API token)

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for this release.

More details about the package are at the RPushbullet webpage and the RPushbullet GitHub repo.

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