Mon, 18 Nov 2019

ttdo 0.0.4: Extension

A first update release to the still very new (and still very small) ttdo package arrived on CRAN today. Introduced about two months ago in September, the ttdo package extends the most excellent (and very minimal / zero depends) unit testing package tinytest by Mark van der Loo with the very clever and well-done diffobj package by Brodie Gaslam.

ttdo screenshot

Just how the package creation was motivated by our needs in teaching STAT 430 at Illinois, so does the extension code in this release which generalized how we extend the tinytest test predicates with additional arguments which help in the use of the PrairieLearn system (developed at Illinois) to provide tests, quizzes or homework. This release is mostly the work of Alton who is now also a coauthor.

The NEWS entries follow.

Changes in ttdo version 0.0.4 (2019-11-18)

  • Generalize tinytest extensions with additional arguments for test predicates (Alton in #2).

  • Use Travis CI for continuous integration off GitHub (Dirk).

Please use the GitHub repo and its issues for any questions.

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