Sun, 03 May 2020

#0: Introducing T^4: Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Toys

For way too long now something I had meant to start was a little series about tips, tricks, tools, and toys. I had mentioned the idea a few times to a friend or two, and generally received a thumbs up or a ‘go for it’. But it takes a little to get over the humb and get going. And it turns out that last week’s r^4 talk on upgrading to R 4.0.0 hit some latent demand as we are now at 1400 views on YouTube. Wowser.

So hence without further ado, let’s kick off T^4. Similar in spirit to R^4, but broader in scope and going beyond R. The opening slides explaining what we plan to do are here, and the video link follows below:

With some luck we should have the first actual talk next week. See you then!

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