Recent changes in version 0.8.10 (13 June 2010)

One documentation fix in the manual, and one correction regarding the default home currency.

Recent changes in version 0.8.9 (22 December 2009)

Another Date::Manip related change: DateCalc() now requires an error code variable, so we supply one. Also finally release the OandA FX code I had been testing.

Recent changes in version 0.8.8 (3 October 2007)

Added "approx" argument to Delta_Format() call, something in Perl's Date::Manip module must have changed to require this.

Recent changes in version 0.8.7 (2 May 2007)

Backpopulation now also adjusts closes, if needed, and an updated rpm.spec file is provided in the contrib/ directory.

Recent changes in version 0.8.6 (23 Mar 2006)

A few minor bug fixes: tolerate null/undef values on updates as we need this for mutual fund prices without daily open/low/high/volume data; allow host variable to be set from ~/.beancounterrc and make setup_beancounter and update_beancounter bash scripts as they use more than minimal sh implementations provide.

Recent changes in version 0.8.5 (15 Mar 2006)

Several updates and fixes thanks to a set of excellent patches contributed by Pieter du Preez: Call finish() on all DBI statement handles, and added some other Perl/SQL code improvement. More undefined variable tests. Simplified and generalized DBI connection code. Improve representation of currency code mapping. Correct second date in backpopulation example. Added checks for defined DBI statement handles.

Recent changes in version 0.8.4 (15 Mar 2006)

Additional check against empty currency name. New command 'host' to define hostname for database server on command-line (as well as via ~/.beancounterrc). If hostname is equal to the default 'localhost', do not connect via tcp/ip to PostgreSQL or MySQL but just use sockets. This may help new users who are unsure how to make their database engines network-aware. Advances/retracement display now in 79 columns.

Recent changes in version 0.8.3 (18 Jan 2006)

A new command 'lspositions' for simple displays of all positions, not aggregated. The Volume column in stockprices table is now of type numeric; conversion has to be manual (i.e. dump data; recreate schema, reload data) as this is so tedious to code for all three backends. Also add SP500 index via symbol ^GSPC in example setup to use the volume column with data that exceeds the storage of a four-byte int (the previous choice). Cope with market cap in trillions as sometimes seen (in error) for British stocks quoted in pence (with thanks to Robert A. Schmied for the patch). New function DatabaseHistoricalUCBFX for historical FX backpopulation via the service at the Sauder School of UBC in Vancouver. New function GetFXDatum for a single FX data item. Renamed UpdateFXviaPACIFIC to UpdateFXviaUBC, and renamed switch --pacificfx to --ubcfx to select UBC for FX backpopulation and daily updates. Updated currency codes for Yahoo! service (e.g, switching CAD's symbol from ^XAD to ^XAY), but still no backpopulation capabilities at Yahoo!, and not entirely satisfied with UBC's service either. Minor variable renaming and cleanups.

Recent changes in version 0.8.2 (24 Sep 2005)

A new '--splitby' command has been added to adjust historical data, as well as new tests to ensure data sanity for splits. Market cap. as displayed for small caps has been corrected. The example portfolio in setup_beancounter is now US-only as Yahoo! no longer supplies reliable FX quotes for key currencies.

Recent changes in version 0.8.1 (14 Apr 2005)

A minor update which switches to SQLite 3.* as the default, but adds new options to still support the previous version 2.*.

Recent changes in version 0.8.0 (21 Mar 2005)

A major update with several new command-line options, two new commands, an additional FX data backend to circumvent occassional problems at Yahoo!. and a contributed script by Mathias Weidner. Code in beancounter and improved in a variety of places, thanks to several patches by Robert Schmied and Mathias Weidner.

Recent changes in version 0.7.6 (28 Jul 2004)

This version brings a proper dependency in Makefile.PL for Finance::YahooQuote, a corrected path in setup_beancounter, and a contributed script by Joao Costa.

Recent changes in version 0.7.5 (24 Jun 2004)

This release contains a small correction to the documentation for the database connection password, a new test routine to check whether database connections can in fact be made, and a hook from setup_beancounter to actually use that test.

Recent changes in version 0.7.4 (2 Jun 2004)

Three contributed patches to add GetPortfolioData function, ensure proxy information is set and data written to stockprices table does not contain NAs, and to backpopulate non-US stocks in batches of 200. Thanks to Kevin Kim, Joao Costa and Matthew Jurgens for these patches.

Recent changes in version 0.7.3 (5 Apr 2004)

Correct two Yahoo! issues for backpopulation of historical prices. First, scale FX prices with dates past Dec 29, 2003, by 100 to bring 'dollars' back to 'cents'. Second, skip a newly added html comment from the csv stream.

Recent changes in version 0.7.2 (2 Mar 2004)

Scale FX data retrieved after 20040226 by a factor of 100 to correct for Yahoo's move from dollars to cents. Initial patch by Phil Homewood augmented with Date_Cmp() use. Also applied small corrections by Robert A. Schmied to README.non-gnu, added a simple (well, too simple) test t/01base.t.

Recent changes in version 0.7.1 (4 Feb 2004)

Don't return from GetConfig() when no per-user config file is found but simply skip reading the file.

Recent changes in version 0.7.0 (26 Jan 2004) Applied (slightly enhanced) patch by Phil Homewood to correct for Yahoo!'s sudden change in FX rates which are now quoted in pennies rather than dollars. The upside of this is that we will get four digit precision in backpopulation so it's probably worth the hazzle. beancounter,, setup_beancounter: Added support for SQLite. Added documentation for use on non-GNU support, schema dumps for all three db backends, a session log and fixed a number of smaller bugs.

Recent changes in version 0.6.5 (22 Jan 2004) Corrected test on backpopulation so volume is stored, and rendered display a little more robust

beancounter: More robust displays, typo correction

Recent changes in version 0.6.4 (22 Dec 2003) Improvements to treatment of portfolio restrictions

beancounter: Further improvements to pretty-printing of standard reports

Recent changes in version 0.6.3 (28 Nov 2003) allow six-column format for DatabaseHistoricalFXData to reflect a change in the Data returned by Yahoo!'1'

beancounter: Improvements to pretty-printing of standard reports

Recent changes in version 0.6.2 (06 May 2003)

In, setup_beancounter, update_beancounter: Default value of active field changed from 't' to '1'

DB Schema comparison now based on numeric value

If no FX data found, suggest --date/--prevdate option

Add uppercase'd symbol to portfolio

beancounter, setup_beancounter, update_beancounter: Use a distinct version number for db schema comparison

setup_beancounter, update_beancounter: Use 'timestamp with time zone' for beancounter when PostgreSQL is used

setup_beancounter: Use USER, not user, variable for error message

Recent changes in version 0.6.1 (30 Dec 2003) Force uppercase'ing of stock symbols prior to storing either daily or historical records in the database. and include script in examples/ dir

Recent changes in version 0.6.1 (29 Dec 2003)

Switched to using Finance::YahooQuote (>= 0.18) for quote gathering.

New command 'fxbackpopulate' to grab historical currency data from Yahoo!. With this added capability, portfolios with non-home country stocks can run reports for profit/loss or risk without having to built the database over time.

Changed setup_beancounter to transform example portfolio into one composed of one stock each from US, CA, FR and DE. Backpopulates for prices and currencies and runs p/l and risk reports right out of the box.

Simplified quote gathering code in; requests for all markets can go against the main Yahoo! server.

Applied patch by Ken Neighbors to use a different Yahoo! source URL for historic prices, correct a one-off error in date / month conversion and correct documentation.

Updated HP to HPQ (from HWP) in Dow example

Smartened up the use of 'last business day' in setup_beancounter for the example portfolio: on weekends or Monday we use 'last friday', on other days we use 'yesterday' and made sure all example reports use this date

A complete ChangeLog is also available.

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