%|title|binb: binb is not Beamer %|created|Initially created: Wed Sep 19 20:16:59 CDT 2018 ## binb Binb is not Beamer ### Motivation The [Beamer](https://github.com/josephwright/beamer) package is very popular for making pdf presentations from LaTeX, and also supported from Markdown and [RMarkdown](https://github.com/rstudio/rmarkdown). This package (currently) provides functionality to use the following custom (LaTeX) themes for [Beamer](https://github.com/josephwright/beamer) directly via RMarkdown: - [Metropolis](https://github.com/matze/mtheme) (formerly `mtheme`) by Matthias Vogelgesang ([longer demo](https://eddelbuettel.github.io/binb/metropolis_demo.pdf)) - [IQSS](https://github.com/IQSS/iqss-beamer-theme) by Ista Zahn ([longer demo](https://eddelbuettel.github.io/binb/iqss_demo.pdf)) - [Presento](https://github.com/RatulSaha/presento) by Ratul Saha ([longer demo](https://eddelbuettel.github.io/binb/presento_demo.pdf)) - Monash by Rob J Hyndman The original LaTeX styles been converted to be directly useable from [RMarkdown](https://github.com/rstudio/rmarkdown) ### Examples #### Metropolis Consider the following minimal example, adapted from the original minimal example at the bottom of the [Metropolis](https://github.com/matze/mtheme) page: ````{md} --- title: A minimal example author: Matthias Vogelgesang date: \today institute: Centre for Modern Beamer Themes output: binb::metropolis --- # First Section ## First Frame Hello, world! ```` It creates a [three-page pdf file](https://eddelbuettel.github.io/binb/metropolis_minimal.pdf) which we converted into this animated gif: ![](https://eddelbuettel.github.io/binb/metropolis_minimal.gif) #### IQSS Similarly, for IQSS we use the following input adapting the example above but showing sections and subsections for the nice headings it generates: ````{md} --- title: A minimal example author: Ista Zahn date: \today institute: IQSS output: binb::iqss --- # First Section ## First Sub-Section ### First Frame Hello, world! # Second Section ## Second Subsection ### Second Frame Another planet! ```` This creates this [pdf file](https://eddelbuettel.github.io/binb/iqss_minimal.pdf) which we converted into this animated gif: ![](https://eddelbuettel.github.io/binb/iqss_minimal.gif) #### Presento The following small example adapted some of the slides from original minimal example from the [Presento](https://github.com/RatulSaha/presento) repo: ```{md} --- author: Ratul Saha address: www.ratulsaha.com title: PRESENTO subtitle: clean, simple and extensible date: \today output: binb::presento --- ## Presento - \begin{center}\largetext{The design is \underline{clean}}\end{center} \bigskip - \begin{center}\largetext{The rules are \underline{simple}}\end{center} \bigskip - \item \begin{center}\largetext{The code is \underline{extensible}}\end{center} ## Open Source Fonts - \montserratfont This is \textsc{Montserrat} \bigskip - \notosansfont This is \textsc{Noto Sans} \bigskip - \latolightfont This is Lato (light) \bigskip - \inconsolatafont This is inconsolata \bigskip - \textsc{This is Alegreya Sans small caps} \bigskip ## Color Palette \begin{center} \crule[colordgray] \crule[colorhgray] \crule[colorblue] \crule[colorgreen] \crule[colororange] \end{center} ____ \begin{center} \hugetext{BIG BOLD TEXT} \medskip \small but background color does not work \end{center} ____ \tikz[overlay,remember picture] \node[opacity=0.8, at=(current page.center)]{% \includegraphics[width=\paperwidth]{images/skeleton}}; \begin{textblock}{7}(7,2.5) {\color{colorblue}\hugetext{\textbf{RUN!}}} \end{textblock} ``` From this, one can creats this [pdf file](https://eddelbuettel.github.io/binb/presento_minimal.pdf) which can be converted into this animated gif: ![](https://eddelbuettel.github.io/binb/presento_minimal.gif) ### Monash Below is an example of the [Monash Business School](https://www.monash.edu/business) theme by [Rob Hyndman](https://robjhyndman.com/). (The source is a little longer [and included in the repo](https://github.com/eddelbuettel/binb/blob/master/inst/rmarkdown/templates/monash/skeleton/skeleton.Rmd) and package so not shown here.) ![](https://eddelbuettel.github.io/binb/monash_minimal.gif) ### Status The package is still new and susceptible to change, but on [CRAN](https://cran.r-project.org/). ### Usage The package is on [CRAN](https://cran.r-project.org/) and can be installed via a standard ```r install.packages("binb") ``` and can then be used as a Markdown template via RStudio, or via code such as ```r library(rmarkdown) draft("myslides.Rmd", template="metropolis", package="binb", edit=FALSE) setwd("myslides") ## template creates a new subdir render("myslides.Rmd") ``` to create a first draft of a new `myslides.Rmd`. Once installed, the above code examples should work as expected. ### Requirements Beyond the R package dependencies, a working `pandoc` binary is needed. RStudio installs its own copy, otherwise do what is needed on your OS (_i.e._, something like `sudo apt-get install pandoc pandoc-citeproc`). The [Metropolis](https://github.com/matze/mtheme) LaTeX package is used, but we assume that is is installed via TeXLive, MikTeX or another LaTeX bundle. The LaTeX code for the [IQSS Beamer Theme](https://github.com/IQSS/iqss-beamer-theme) and the [Presento Theme](https://github.com/RatulSaha/presento) are included (and adapted for [RMarkdown](https://github.com/rstudio/rmarkdown) use). These themes use additional (free) fonts you may need to install: - [Metropolis](https://github.com/matze/mtheme) wants [Fira Sans](https://github.com/mozilla/Fira) but can proceed with alternate fonts; - [IQSS Beamer Theme](https://github.com/IQSS/iqss-beamer-theme) really requires [Libertinus](https://github.com/libertinus-fonts/libertinus), see the [IQSS Beamer Theme](https://github.com/IQSS/iqss-beamer-theme) page for details. - [Presento Theme](https://github.com/RatulSaha/presento) wants [Montserrat](https://github.com/JulietaUla/Montserrat), [Lato Light](http://www.latofonts.com/) (also [here](https://github.com/google/fonts/tree/master/ofl/lato)), [Noto Sans](https://www.google.com/get/noto), [Algreya Sans](https://github.com/huertatipografica/Alegreya-Sans) as the small caps font and [Inconsolata](https://github.com/google/fonts/tree/master/ofl/inconsolata) as a monospaced font. - Monash wants [Carlito](https://fontlibrary.org/en/font/carlito) which some systems (such Ubuntu) provide. If you use [Debian](https://www.debian.org) or [Ubuntu](https://www.ubuntu.com), you can use the informal font packages I created for [Fira and Fira Sans](https://github.com/eddelbuettel/pkg-fonts-fira), [Libertinus](https://github.com/eddelbuettel/pkg-fonts-libertinus), [Montserrat](https://github.com/eddelbuettel/pkg-fonts-montserrat), [Alegreya Sans](https://github.com/eddelbuettel/pkg-fonts-alegreya-sans), respectively. Most modern desktop systems make it easy to install additional fonts as a user. However, instructions vary so please see for your particular system. ### Authors Dirk Eddelbuettel, Ista Zahn and Rob Hyndman ### License GPL (>= 2) for this package.