This package offers C-level serialization just like R itself does.


Sometimes a need for R object serialization presents itself at the C level. Bringing the object all the way to the R-level function may be too costly (especially if done repeatedly).

So the main need may be high-throughput data serialization or unserialization. The RcppRedis package needed just that.


This package was made possibly by picking a few key functions from the Rhpc package by Ei-ji Nakama and Junji Nakano. It gave me the idea of using a copy of the code which is not exported by R itself. And of course credit is due to the R Core team for writing R, and the code used here.


The package is on CRAN and its source code is at GitHub.


The package, while young, can be considered stable as the actual serialization code is fairly mature and stable.


GPL (>= 2) just like R itself


Dirk Eddelbuettel for this package; Ei-ji Nakama and Junji Nakano for the inspiration and idea via Rhpc; and of course R Core for all of R.

Initially created: Sat Apr 12 11:27:50 CDT 2014
Last modified: Tue Nov 07 07:00:44 CST 2017