This package offers C-level serialization just like R itself does.


Sometimes a need for R object serialization presents itself at the C level. Bringing the object all the way to the R-level function may be too costly (especially if done repeatedly).

So the main need may be high-throughput data serialization or unserialization. The RcppRedis package needed just that.


This package was made possibly by picking a few key functions from the Rhpc package by Ei-ji Nakama and Junji Nakano. It gave me the idea of using a copy of the code which is not exported by R itself. And of course credit is due to the R Core team for writing R, and the code used here.


GPL (>= 2) just like R itself


The package, while young, can be considered stable as the actual serialization code is fairly mature and stable.


Dirk Eddelbuettel for this package; Ei-ji Nakama and Junji Nakano for the inspiration and idea via Rhpc; and of course R Core for all of R.

Initially created: Sat Apr 12 11:27:50 CDT 2014
Last modified: Thu Mar 23 18:56:29 CDT 2017