Thu, 11 Mar 2004

Quantian released

A new release has just appeared now on the servers at the University of Washington and the server at the University of Wisconsin / Madison. It is a bug fix release with relatively few changes compared to, but has
  • updated R packages based on the first pre-release of the upcoming 1.9.0 version, updated CRAN packages and a few new CRAN packages: multcomp, mvtnorn, relimp, and the uebercool rgl
  • updated Octave packages based on the just released 2.1.56, and a matching octave-forge release
  • improved support for Scientific Python, though scipy.test() still moans, we hope to sort that out shortly
  • the ftnchek package for Fortran'ers
  • but most importantly, we now have a custom logo for openmosixview in the KDE menubar -- thanks to Mathias Rechenburg for contributing this!

With Cebit coming next week, I'd suspect that the next Quantian release will be based on the Knoppix 3.4 that is to be released there -- but it may take a while until all clusterKnoppix and Quantian flow through.

As always, more info at the Quantian pages.

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