Mon, 14 Jun 2004

Quantian released

A new release was transferred to the server at the University of Washington. This is a new release, with many exciting changes such as
  • from Knoppix release 3.4: new hardware detection, captive-ntfs to write to partitions from those other systems, KDE 3.2.2, and a switch to isolinux for the boot process
  • from clusterKnoppix: updated 2.4.26 kernel with 'testing release' openMosix patch (and kernel 2.6.6 without openMosix), a variety of openMosix-related software updates such as gomd, chpox, tyd and update-cluster
  • from Quantian itself: updated software throughout, a number of new CRAN packages for R (including snow aka the 'simple network of workstations', a simple layer to make pvm and mpi easily accessible for distributed statistical computing), axiom (another computer-algebra package), cernlib (a large suite of programs from the CERN particle physics lab) and more.
  • custom artwork as Ed Pegg Jr kindly created a background image for us!
Full changes are in the Quantian changelog, and more info is as always at the Quantian pages.

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