Mon, 02 Aug 2004

Quantian released

A new release was uploaded earlier to the server at the University of Washington.

While nominally only a maintenance upgrade over, it still contains a rather large number of changes:

  • way more GNU R packages generated with a modified version of a script by Albrecht Gebhardt -- about 360 packaged are added from CRAN and BioConductor providing unparalled depth for statistical computing
  • an almost complete suite from the Debian-Med project for medical informatics (only CMS was left out, would Zope make sense for Quantian?)
  • the GNU geda electronics design software suite
  • the scalapack libraries and headers for parallel linear algebra in mpich, lam and pvm 'flavours'
  • loads of 'recommended' documentation packages
  • header packages for atlas3 and lam
  • upgraded throughout against Debian testing, with over 300 updated packages
  • Total size is now 1.5gb for the compressed iso image, corresponding to more than 4.4gb of uncompressed software.
  • also available are a new cdrom-sized version of and a bootable iso of only 7mb, both contributed by Marco Caliari

Slightly more informations are in the Quantian changelog, and general info is as always at the Quantian pages.

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