Thu, 09 Sep 2004

Quantian released

A new release was uploaded to the servers at the University of Washington, at Debian's Alioth site and at Greg Warnes' machine at Yale. This release may become the final 0.5.9.* release and get relabelled 0.6; work should soon commence on a Quantian based on the new Knoppix 3.6.

This is a maintenance and bug-fix release over, yet still contains a rather large number of changes:

  • another 50 more GNU R packages from CRAN and BioConductor providing unparalled depth for statistical computing with now about 440 R packages;
  • added Gnumeric and LyX back in;
  • added pcb to complement GNU geda;
  • added the Alliance VHDL, a complete set of free CAD tools and portable libraries for VLSI design which includes a VHDL compiler and simulator, logic synthesis tools, and automatic place and route tools, see the Alliance website (suggested by 'Joe'; Debian package generated from rpm by alien(1))
  • added a slew of astronomy-related packages suggested by Gopal Narayanan: setiathome, tkseti, xplanet, xplanet-images, saoimage, gpsim, gnucap, oregano, icom, xcircuit, vipec, xsmc-calc, transcalc
  • added two more data visualization packages: xd3d suggested and packaged by Marco, and QtiPlot also suggested by Marco;
  • and made a few production fixes suggested by Marco: prepare md5sums to enable 'checkcd' option; suppress 'modules.conf newer' message by touch(1)'ing it; add new bootsplash screen; use Marco's corrected minirt24.gz and minirt36.gz boot images with ext3 patch and scsi module aic79xx.

Slightly more informations are in the Quantian changelog, and general info is as always at the Quantian pages.

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