Wed, 15 Dec 2004

Quantian released

A new release is now available today from the usual sites at the University of Washington and at Greg Warnes' machine at Yale.

This release is the third one based on Knoppix 3.6 and brings a couple of updates:

  • the Rpad interactive web-based R Gui by Tom Short, fully configured and launchable via a simple command or menu entry
  • about ten new packages from CRAN released since Quantian
  • about fifteen CRAN packages updated to current versions as of December 11
  • addition of the dse, CoCo, gregmisc CRAN bundles omitted in
  • new packages such as clustalw/clustalx/clustalw-mpi, seaview, iraf
  • Octave and Scilab updated to the newest versions from Debian unstable

More information is as always available at the Quantian pages.

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