Mon, 19 Jun 2006

UseR! 2006 presentation

A quick note to mention that the slides from my talk at last week's UseR! 2006 conference in Vienna are on my website.

My presentation introduces and briefly discusses fifteen different ways to 'use R' in Quantian. Roughly bucketed into four categories (classic, graphical, web-based and programmatically), these approaches cover the spectrum from the well-known to newer and promising interfaces. And of course all run 'as is' directly off a self-configuring and directly bootable Quantian dvd or iso image.

Once again, thanks to the organizers in Vienna who mounted yet another conference that was both fun, informative and packed with excellent talks. It also drew even more R users and developers than before -- almost twice the number of participants and presentations than in 2004. It looks like we will meet next year in Boston for a North American UseR!, followed by Munich in 2008.

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