Fri, 22 Jun 2012

Rcpp 0.9.11

Release 0.9.11 of Rcpp arrived on CRAN this morning and in Debian later today.

This is a somewhat incremental release with a few internal improvements and few new features. One interesting new development has been contributed by John Chambers who is extending 'Rcpp modules' into 'Rcpp classes' which allows R code to modify and extend C++ classes loaded via Rcpp modules; see help(setRcppClass) for more. This also lead to some changes in the code for loading modules which however requires the brand-new R version 2.15.1 released today as well.

The complete NEWS entry for 0.9.11 is below; more details are in the ChangeLog file in the package and on the Rcpp Changelog page.

0.9.11  2012-06-22

    o   New member function for vectors (and lists etc) containsElementNamed() 
        which returns a boolean indicating if the given element name is present

    o   Updated the Rcpp.package.skeleton() support for Rcpp modules by
        carrying functions already present from the corresponding unit test
        which was also slightly expanded; and added more comments to the code 

    o   Rcpp modules can now be loaded via loadRcppModules() from .onLoad(),
        or via loadModule("moduleName") from any R file 

    o   Extended functionality to let R modify C++ clases imported via modules
        documented in help(setRcppClass)

    o   Support compilation in Cygwin thanks to a patch by Dario Buttari

    o   Extensions to the Rcpp-FAQ and the Rcpp-modules vignettes

    o   The minium version of R is now 2.15.1 which is required for some of
        the Rcpp modules support 

Thanks to CRANberries, you can also look at a diff to the previous release 0.9.10. As always, even fuller details are on the Rcpp Changelog page and the Rcpp page which also leads to the downloads, the browseable doxygen docs and zip files of doxygen output for the standard formats. A local directory has source and documentation too. Questions, comments etc should go to the rcpp-devel mailing list off the R-Forge page

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