Thu, 09 Aug 2012

RProtoBuf 0.2.5

A new release 0.2.5 of RProtoBuf is now on CRAN. RProtoBuf provides GNU R bindings for the Google Protobuf data encoding library used and released by Google.

This release once again contains a number of patches kindly contributed by Murray Stokely, as well as some updates to conform to CRAN Policy changes.

The NEWS file entry follows below:

Changes in version 0.2.5 (2012-08-08)

  • Applied patches by Murray to

    • correctly deal with nested Protocol Buffer definitions, and also add new unit test for this

    • test a a protocol buffer for missing required fields before serializing it, also add a unit test

    • add a small stylistic fix and examples to the 'add.Rd' manual page

  • Moved inst/doc/ to vignettes/ per newer CRAN Policy

CRANberries also provides a diff to the previous release 0.243. More information is at the RProtoBuf page which has a draft package vignette, a 'quick' overview vignette and a unit test summary vignette. Questions, comments etc should go to the rprotobuf mailing list off the RProtoBuf page at R-Forge.

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