Sun, 15 Sep 2013

RProtoBuf 0.3.1

Two months to the day after the previous 0.3.0 release of RProtoBuf, we are happy to announce a maintenance release 0.3.1 which has now arrived on CRAN. RProtoBuf provides GNU R bindings for the Google Protobuf data encoding library used and released by Google.

Once again, Murray lead this release and added a number improvements. The NEWS file entry follows:

Changes in RProtoBuf version 0.3.1 (2013-09-13)

  • Added support for setting and getting 64-bit integer types as character strings of decimal integers to work around R's lack of native 64-bit integer types.

  • Added better error handling, documentation, and tests to the extensions support (getExtension and setExtension).

  • Add support to P for returning extension descriptors.

  • Improved error messages to include field names when invalid fields are specified to protocol buffer messages with new, update, etc.

  • Improved configure to detect and pass -std=c++0x if it is available to enable long long 64-bit integer support in Rcpp.

  • Improved configure in the case when pkg-config is not available or does not know about the google protocol buffer includes.

  • Replaced newly deprecated Rcpp macros with a simplified macro functionality to avoid warnings on the latest development version of Rcpp.

CRANberries also provides a diff to the previous release 0.3.0. More information is at the RProtoBuf page which has a draft package vignette, a 'quick' overview vignette and a unit test summary vignette. Questions, comments etc should go to the rprotobuf mailing list off the RProtoBuf page at R-Forge.

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