Sat, 24 Oct 2015

rfoaas 0.1.8

A new release rfoaas is now on CRAN following up on the recent upstream release 0.1.8 of FOAAS.

The rfoaas package provides an interface for R to the most excellent FOAAS service--which provides a modern, scalable and RESTful web service for the frequent need to tell someone to f$#@ off.

Release 0.1.8 brings over a handfull new access points relative to the previous release 0.1.6: bday(), family_(), shutup(), zayn(), dalton(), dosomething(), retard(), and thumbs(). One of these may make a fine addition for beloved post-test comments in testthat:

R> library(rfoaas)
R> dosomething("Fix", "function", "testthat")
[1] "Fix the fucking function! - testthat"

We did not make a release following version 0.1.7 of FOAAS: my testing revealed somewhat less consistent results for the language / i18n filter added in 0.1.6. So I filed issue ticket #95, but as it still lingers unanswered, I consider this feature to be unsupported for now; the tests for the language filter were disabled for now as well.

As usual, CRANberries provides a diff to the previous CRAN release. Questions, comments etc should go to the GitHub issue tracker.

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