Fri, 08 Jan 2016

digest 0.6.9

A new release, now at version number 0.6.9, of the digest package is now on CRAN. I also just prepared the Debian upload.

This release is very large part the work of Thierry Onkelinx who added stable sha1 support in a new function sha1(). Here, stable means that numerically equivalent numbers (in the sense of the semi-famous R FAQ entry 7.31) result in identical hashes. This is useful for hashing results from numerical analysis---where the representation may differ bitwise between, say, 32 and 64-bit platforms. We started to write a little more about this in a (at this very point still rather unfinished) little vignette.

We also had a nice pull request from fellow Rcpp hacker Qiang Kou who updated the code to use XLENGTH so that large vectors can be supported.

CRANberries provides the usual summary of changes to the previous version.

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