Mon, 01 Aug 2016

RcppGetconf 0.0.2

A first update for the recent RcppGetconf package for reading system configuration --- not unlike getconf from the libc library --- is now out. Almost immediately after I tweeted / blogged asking for help with OS X builds, fellow Rcpp hacker Qiang Kou created a clever pull request allowing for exactly that. So now we cover two POSIX systems that matter most these days --- Linux and OS X --- but as there are more out there, please do try, test and send those pull requests.

We also added a new function getConfig() retrieving a single (given) value complementing the earlier catch-all function getAll(). You can find out more about RcppGetconf from the local RcppGetconf page and the GitHub repo.

Changes in this release are as follows:

Changes in inline version 0.0.2 (2016-08-01)

  • A new function getConfig for single values was added.

  • The struct vars is now defined more portable allowing compilation on OS X (PR #1 by Qiang Kou).

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is a diffstat report. More about the package is at the local RcppGetconf page and the GitHub repo.

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