Sun, 13 Nov 2016

pkgKitten 0.1.4: Creating R Packages that purr


A new minor release 0.1.4 of pkgKitten just hit on CRAN this morning.

One small change is that the package manual page it creates now makes use of the (still new-ish and under-documented and under-used) Rd macros described at the end of Section 2.13 of Writing R Extensions:

See the system.Rd file in share/Rd/macros for more details and macro definitions, including macros \packageTitle, \packageDescription, \packageAuthor, \packageMaintainer, \packageDESCRIPTION and \packageIndices.

By using these macros, and referencing them from the DESCRIPTION file, we can avoid redundancy, or worse, inconsitency, between both files. Or just be plain lazy and describe things just once in the higher-level file: A good thing!

Otherwise we fixed a URL to the manual thanks to a PR, and just added some of the regular polish to some of the corners which R CMD check --as-cran is looking into:

Changes in version 0.1.4 (2016-11-13)

  • Utilize newer R macros in package-default manual page.

  • Repair a link to Wrting R Extensions (PR #7 by Josh O'Brien)

More details about the package are at the pkgKitten webpage and the pkgKitten GitHub repo.

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is also a diffstat report for this release

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