Mon, 30 Oct 2017

pinp 0.0.3: More docs, more features

Our pinp package for snazzier one or two column vignette received it second update. Now at version 0.0.3, it arrived on CRAN on Saturday with minimal fuzz as an 'CRAN-pretest-publish' transition.

We added more frontmatter options, documented more, and streamlined some internals of the LaTeX class borrowed from PNAS. A screenshot of the (updated) vignette can be seen below. Additional screenshots of are at the pinp page.

The NEWS entry for this release follows.

Changes in tint version 0.0.3 (2017-10-28)

  • Section 'Acknowledgements' now conditional on a frontmatter setting, section 'Matmethods' has been removed, pnasbreak no longer used which stabilizes LaTeX float formatting. References are now shown in the column just like other content (Dirk in #36).

  • Vignette now uses new numbered sections frontmatter switch which improves the pdf outline.

  • New front-matter options for title/section header colors, and link colors (Dirk in #39).

  • YAML frontmater options are now documented in the help page for pinp as well (Dirk in #41).

  • Some typos were fixed (Michael in #42 and #43).

Courtesy of CRANberries, there is a comparison to the previous release. More information is on the tint page. For questions or comments use the issue tracker off the GitHub repo.

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