Sun, 29 Jul 2018

RcppCNPy 0.2.10

Another small maintenance release of the RcppCNPy package arrived on CRAN a few minutes ago.

RcppCNPy provides R with read and write access to NumPy files thanks to the cnpy library by Carl Rogers.

I updated and refreshed the vignettes, and also mention the reticulate-based alternative, and its still new-ish vignette, in the

Changes in version 0.2.10 (2018-07-29)

  • The vignettes have been updated using ‘collapse’ mode and edited.

  • The now refers to reticulate as an alternative and points to the “Using reticulate” vignette.

  • The file src/RcppExports.cpp is used for package registration instead of src/init.c.

CRANberries also provides a diffstat report for the latest release. As always, feedback is welcome and the best place to start a discussion may be the GitHub issue tickets page.

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