Thu, 27 Sep 2018

binb 0.0.2: Now with presento

As tweeted three days ago, our still-new binb package with crisper Beamer themes for RMarkdown now contains presento. Versions 0.0.2 with this addition just arrived on CRAN.

Here is a quick demo combining all themes:

Otherwise, we also added links to longer vignettes to the on GitHub, and Mikko Korpela helped us render the gif correctly.

The initial (short) NEWS entry follows:

Changes in binb version 0.0.2 (2018-09-27)

  • Added support for 'Presento' theme by Ratul Saha (#4)

  • Longer vignettes were added to the docs/ directory

  • The gif files in docs/ were regenerated with the density argument to convert set to 127 (Mikko Korpela in #5)

For questions or comments use the issue tracker off the GitHub repo.

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